Health Insurance Benefits: Hosp vs SNF vs clinics

  1. question: what setting do you work in & how do you rate your health insurance?

    i live 50 mi west of austin. my first job after graduation has been in ltc; at the job interview, i was assured "yes, we have health insurance effective 90 days after you start". now that i'm enrolled, i found it to be what i call "wal-mart insurance". it pays some, but the insured pays the lion's share of the cost. i call it a joke. does other settings have better health benefits, or is it just my facility?
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  3. by   RN1989
    You never know what kind of benefits are available unless you ask for them upfront. I will tell you that I have never seen as many problems with insurance from large employers that I have seen from the smaller employers. Especially if those smaller employers are for profit as most LTCs are.
  4. by   Blackcat99
    I work in an assisted living facility and I have good medical insurance and less pay. All of the LTC's I went to had good pay and worthless insurance. I had malignant melanoma 5 years ago and the LTC medical insurance denied me my medical insurance benefits saying it was "unnecessary surgery"!!!!! It took me over a year and a bitter battle, but I finally got a little money out of that worthless LTC insurance. Never again.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I just switched jobs, but I worked at the same LTCF for 2 years before resigning a couple of months ago. It was a larger skilled nursing facility that was owned by a corporation and had over 80 sister facilities across the nation.

    My medical coverage at the LTCF was through BCBS (Blue Cross). I had BCBS when I was a factory worker, and that coverage was wonderful back then. I had $5 copays and all my claims got paid in a timely manner. The insurance at the LTCF was very different, because they disputed every claim and did not want to pay any major medical expenses. I have needed to have a pelvic organ surgical procedure for quite some time, but I'm afraid of undergoing it since the insurance might not pay. I've been stuck with a major medical bill before, and I surely do not want this to happen again!