HCC LVN applicants.. please help

  1. I just recieved my letter to interview with houston community colleges lvn program... I'll have to bring some documents to the interview but im not quite sure exactly what theyre asking of me to do about one of the documents theyre requesting... the part im confused about reads as follows:::
    Write a 2-3 page typed narrative summary based on an interview with an lvn who is currently practicing nursing in the state of texas....
    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN????????? What EXACTLY is the paper supposed to be about. someone please help. my interview is quickly approaching and i just need a little clarity on the topic im expected to write about, i dont know if im over thinking it or maybe they left out something or misworded something... PLEASE REPLY! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!
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    Moved to TX state nursing programs to elicit more response
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    Hey, I will be there on July 2nd also, what I did was come up with several questions and interviewed a working LVN, after I did that I took the info and turned into a paper like Mrs Na said " yada yada yada" she also stated yada yada yada, just write it like its a paper and use correct quotes and punctuation the hardest part to me is coming up with reference letters in such a short time, does this mean we got in?
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    Thanks so much for replying! It doesnt OFFICIALLY mean we got in (but) 9 times out of ten we did. this girl im taking a class with is an lvn and went to hcc... she said once u meet all the criteria (which we did ) they pretty much base acceptance on how much they like u at your interview... and one of the counselors there told me they dont interview everyone who applies. so be optimistic! :-) u can go to an old job or high school and get letters from a former co-worker or teacher....
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    Thanks, Im just really nervous about the interview and about the questions they might ask and if they accept 100 people each semester (I think) how are they going to interview us all in one day? But one of my teachers who wrote my letters introduced me to her class as a newly accepted lvn student soooo Im thinking we got in and this is an information session
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    Mrs ******* said theres gonna be nine people interviewing us... not like nine people all interviewing one person at a time like an interragation lol, but nine different people each interviewing one seperate person at a time. we will only have to interview with one person. (i think) Dont be nervous! Just pray! Youll do fine! :-)
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    I hope I meet you there, we need to make friends so we can study together once we get in! I got kids girl, i cant fail! I gotta get it!
  9. by   Divanurse to be
    Girl I know!!! Cuz I dont know NOBODY up there! Lol and I will need a study buddy but I will be there around 11 trying to get there early to relax!!! Lol
  10. by   FutureNurseDanielle
    Me too! See you there! #teamlvn2012! Whoop Whoop! lol
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    That interview was too easy! I just hated we sat there all that time just for a one minute interview!
  12. by   FutureNurseDanielle
    I know right! I wanted to meet u, but i was too afraid to say anything lol, so i just wondered who u were... lol. Do u know when were gonna find out if we got accepted?
    Quote from Divanurse to be
    That interview was too easy! I just hated we sat there all that time just for a one minute interview!
  13. by   Divanurse to be
    Yea I was tempted to ask is there a daniella here lol, but the lady that interviewed me said the letters will be mailed thursday and we should get them by saturday!
  14. by   FutureNurseDanielle
    yaaayyyy!!!! super excited. good luck!