Has anyone had to have a psychological evaluation/polygraph?

  1. I got a DUI and had a theft charge back in 1999. They were both misdemeanors. I sent all my stuff to the board. Now they want me to get a forensic pyschological evaluation and do polygraph test. I don't understand this! They have been leading me on for over a year, saying "we need this, no we need that, no we need this other thing." They are driving me crazy! Now this evaluation and polygraph test will cost me $1000. I want to know if I even have a chance of getting my ATT, because I don't want to waste $1000 for them to tell me I can't take the NCLEX. Has anyone gone through this? What should I expect during the evaluation/polygraph test? I'm losing all hope that I will ever be an RN and that is my passion. I can't erase the fact I screwed up when I was 19, but I turned my life around and now I'm model citizen. I just hate this! Please, can anyone help?!
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  3. by   Danianne
    I havn't had the same problems as you but maybe just take the chance do the tests and get it over with I know a $1000 is a lot of $$$$ but how bad do you want to be a nurse?
  4. by   tamuqt1
    I want this more than anything in the world. I am just worried that I will pay all this money and they will say no. Then I will think, "I could have used that $1000 to buy stuff for my daughter." ya know? I'm a single mom, so money is very tight. My parents told me they will let me borrow the money, as I don't have $1000 just laying around. I hate to owe them money, because I am responsible now, but if it means I get to be a nurse, it will be worth it. I can pay them back with my tax refund, so I wouldn't owe them for long anyways. I just can't wait for this to be over and sit for my boards. At least now, after all I've been through, the NCLEX won't be so nerve-racking, lol! If I can make through the BNE interrogation, then I can make it through anything!
  5. by   Danianne
    I would take the leap of faith personally but that is mho.
  6. by   rgrgray
    I was wondering how long after you sent in your dec. order before you heard from them to find out that you had to take the psychological evaluation. Im kinda in the same boat as you a DWI charge from 7 years ago. when I talked to the bne they told me since it was a first time offense and I was so young and first time offender I would have no problems getting my Lc. they never mentioned this type of test so any info will help UUHHHHH I dont know how much I can handle!!!! I sent it in 2mnths ago and still no word
  7. by   caroladybelle
    Polygraphes are notoriously inaccurate. I have to wonder why they would even accept a poly' as many courts will not accept them.

    Not to mention that people on some drugs and habitual liars can beat one in a heartbeat.
  8. by   tamuqt1
    It's been 6 months since I sent my money for the declatory order, but they kept sending me letters saying they needed more paperwork. For supposedly doing FBI checks on everyone, they sure can't find out anything on their own. It was so horrible, I felt like I could have checked no and they wouldn't have known the difference. Their so-called FBI check is non-existent in my opinion, considering I did all of the work and they did nothing. The enforcement department isn't very helpful either. They would hang up on me, not return my messages, etc. And I went through the paperwork I was about to send and ask if that was all they needed. They said yes, but sure enough, a month later I would get another letter saying they needed something else. Then this whole evaluation and polygraph test came up and I had never heard of it before. I cried to my mother, I was so upset. I kept thinking it was all over, but then they gave me another obstacle to overcome. I told my mother that I honestly feel like the board has mentally and emotionally raped me. I can't describe it any other way. I'm just so sick of it all, but hopefully this is the last thing I will have to do, and I will get my license. I am going to complain to the governor and the board (after I get my license of course, lol!) about their almost-incompetent way of doing things. Anyways, I'm getting off my soapbox now.
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  9. by   gauge14iv
    Not to sound harsh and Im sorry for what you are going through. You have to keep 2 things in mind - The BNE does NOT work for nurses or to help nurses or support nurses. They work to protect the public. Period. The BNE is not there to help you. They don't really care if you get a license or not.

    Thing 2 - the folks working for the BNE are overloaded and underfunded.

    Not trying to make light of your situation, but sometimes just keeping those things in mind will help you approach it a little differently. I am fortunate not to have had those kinds of dealings - but a very close friend has and I know it was a nightmare for her too.
  10. by   Cop's Wife
    I work as a hospital security officer while I go to school. The psych eval and polygraph are not unusual. The whole point is whether you tell the truth about your criminal history. If you tell the truth you won't have any problems and will pass both easily. We are randomly selected to take them and the evaluaters are very nice and explain everything to you. I have been through several and you usually take a written form of questions then the poly itself. Really it is not anything to be upset about at all. As another poster mentioned they BON is doing their job to try to protect the public. Best wishes on your future career and consider the 1000.00 dollars as an expense of getting your license. You might be able to deduct the cost on your taxes, like you do your school expenses.
  11. by   mchaix
    I am not a Nurse, but come here often in helping my wife get her Texas endorsement. I can tell you that as a State employee who also works in an underfunded and overworked program, that is NO EXCUSE for the horrible, insanely underwhelming, poor, and oft times mean-spirited way in which we've been treated by BNE employees.

    Stop making excuses for them. We are all bound to civil behavior no matter our professions!