Got a job offer for both Seton and St. David's!! Now Im confused!

  1. Hello everyone, Im fortunate that I was offered to work in both St. David's and Seton Residency Program. Im now confused which hospital to choose from, when I had my interview in St. David Med/Surg Renal/Endocrine unit I find it that their nurses are nice and friendly as well as their unit manager. When I had my interview in Seton General Med/Surg unit I only had the manger to interview me and I got to meet one nurse and they are both nice and freindly. Seton offers me more than St. David's but I dont know what to do I already signed my offer letter in St. David's last week and Seton just called me today. I heard really great things about Seton Residency but not so much with St. David's.
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  3. by   neraknaj
    Any advice? Anyone???
  4. by   besaangel
    You are free to reject or change your mind on any offers. List the pros and cons of each: be realistic.

    How much more?
  5. by   neraknaj
    Hi besaangel, I get paid almost $2 in Seton than St. David's. I like both hospitals though I heard great things about Seton in this site and I know there are great nurses in St. David's too. What hospital do you work?
  6. by   KristineMarie
    Heyyy! So I got your message but I can't pm you back because I haven't been active on this site enough. LOL. Anyway, my name is Kristine! I'm actually comforted by the fact that I'll have a fellow Filipina with me during this residency. see you Feb 1! Oh and the health screen takes about an hour and half.
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    Feel free to just shoot me an email if you'd like to keep our convo private. My email is
  8. by   txnurse2016
    I accepted a position at Seton in HH. they seem to be a sought out organization over scott/white and other hospitals. good luck!
  9. by   besaangel
    Great choice