Galen vs SAC (San Antonio, TX)

  1. Hi guys,

    I graduated from Galen's LVN program in Feb 2009. I applied to SAC and Galen's LVN to RN program. I received my acceptance letter to SAC about 3 weeks ago. I was sure I was going to SAC (which starts in August and is 3 semesters long). Well today I got a call from Galen that a spot opened up and I can start classes on Monday for their program. I already have all of my pre-req's so I will be working on my nursing courses. I think bc I have my pre-req's the program at Galen will take me about 12 months. Galen is more expensive than SAC. I don't know what to do!! Which school is better to go to for my RN ADN? Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   I got in 09
    I'm not sure which school is better the best thing to do is check the Nclex pass rate at both schools. I do know that Galen is very expensive. I have a friend graduating in Aug from Sac LVN to Rn.
  4. by   futurearmynurse25
    I'm sorry I can't help you either. It's great that you are a recent LVN graduate, and got accepted into 2 transitional programs! It's cool that the programs didn't require any work experience I'm going to look into Galen when I graduate LVN school. Keep fast-tracking, and good luck with your decision.
  5. by   Wandie
    Congratulations! you are quite awesome. I never heard of anyone with this problem before. If you are please with your education at Galen go there. You are already familiar with everything. Write out a list of pros and cons, then decide. Tell me about Galen I am relocating to San Antonio and would like to start the LVN to RN Program. Good luck and let me know your decision. You become an RN quicker at Galen, right?
  6. by   Wandie
    Galen doesn't have a pass rate yet because this is the 1st RN class. I believe they wont graduate until after Dec. I called last week.
  7. by   I got in 09
    Galen in San Antonio RN program is new but they have a program in Louisville, Kentucky, and, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. I dont know if the Galen RN program lets you skip some preqs. But LPN to RN Bridge Program 15-18 month program for lpn. That is longer than other programs. But if that includes pregs i understand why it is longer.
  8. by   BabyCatchr
    Galen is $25,000. SAC or St. Philip's are only around $5000. Also, Galen is not accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges, which means some of the classes may not transfer if you want to go on with a BSN or MSN one day. But Galen has no prereqs and requires no Chemistry, plus they go on a quarter system and have more individual attention. Since they are private, they have more of a motivation for you to succeed and not drop out. I am still trying to decide myself which one to attend. Galen's LVN is definately the fastest at only 1 year, entering immediately with no prereqs, and no waiting list since they start 4X per year. Galen has over 89% NCLEX pass rate.
  9. by   BabyCatchr
    You can download Galen's catalog and handbook here and see the curriculum:
  10. by   katy0504
    Hi babycathr,

    I went to school at galen for my LVN and because of that I decided to go ahead and do the LVN-RN mobility program there as well. I am in my 3rd quarter and will be done in April 2010. I would recommend galen if you are thinking about going there for your LVN. If you have any questions let me know!
  11. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    I would go to SAC, its like half price, and it's a great school for nursing. I've only heard great things about their nursing programs. Go to SAC!

    It doesn't make sense to pay like $17,000 for Galen when you could spend about $6,000 at SAC (San Antonio College)

    SAC has small class sizes like Galen as well.
  12. by   BabyCatchr
    Have decided against Galen because the credits do not transfer to an accredited university - Galen is not accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges or NLNAC. You will get a diploma for LVN or RN, but no degree, and if you want to advance your career, certain classes won't transfer, such as A&P and Pharmacology.
  13. by   Mr & Mrs VNS
    Good idea. Go for the associates instead of the diploma
  14. by   Cutebutpsycho1022
    I agree with everyone on here. I just graduated from SAC in May but I took their generic program. But I had a good experience with their nursing school, a few instructors made me want to pull my hair out a few times, but i guess it is like that everywhere. Plus, why spend that amount of money when you can get the same thing cheaper right?? FYI, i started at SAC when we had the old nursing building and the old skills lab..... the new one is awesome!!!!!! Good luck!!