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i know some of us have received our letters so i was wondering who else i will be making this journey with for the next 2 years. :wavey: my name is allison shaffer and it's nice to meet... Read More

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    I actually have that book already. It's 2nd Ed. and now there is a 4th Ed. out. I wonder if that really matters? I am also going to buy the other book. I just saw some on Ebay for $19.00 but shipping was likew $14.00 - what a rip off. I still have time before I start so I will keep looking this summer.

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    On Amazon, I ordered this: Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students. It's been recommended on AllNurses....I just bought a $1.00 book...not a brand new one. (I figured it couldn't hurt...) lol

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    Just to be sure have her call up to the nursing admissions and talk to them. Or send an e-mail. That way she has it in writing if they 'change their mind'.

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    She has a 4.0 in all the pre-reqs and supporting classes and is just missing Algebra. I just didn't want her to get knocked out of the running because of that CLEP class, especially since there is still time for her to take College ALgebra before August 31st.

    You know how strict the foks in the Health Occ office at El Centro can be. It's better to follow the rules to a T than run afoul of the HOO!
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    I am really getting scared and I'm not even in yet! Brianna, Katie, and Allison...please tell us your study methods. How are these classes so different from what we are use to? How can we prepare for what is to come? Thanks in advance.
    My tip is to start practicing NCLEX style questions soon.
    When you get in the program you will receive a yellow paper about meds pub (info, fees). They have great tips on Nurse Logic and have tons of questions organized by courses and topics (online). I have finished the logic and fundamentals parts this semester. It helped me a lot.

    Also, record your lectures and read the textbooks whenever you have free time. As Biranna wrote: READ READ READ!

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    Katie and Allison: Are you taking any summer classes? I'm going to take Pharm and that's it!
    I have to take microbiology this summer. No working, just napping this summer.
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    Mr. M is supposed to put them on eCampus by Wednesday.... I really don't want to know my grade!!!

    That's a great average!!!! Congrats.... Did you pass the final? So far, I don't know anyone that did.... The highest I've heard is 76.

    If the highest grade is a 76 then you made a 96! I have faith in you
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    Our class average was 80 on the final
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    Yes that's the one.... It's amazing!!!

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    I took the AP test for English, and they are taking it. So CLEP shouldn't be a big deal. But, personally, I like to hear it for myself, so I called them
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    You took Micro during the summer didn't you? If so, please tell me about it. I was planning on taking it this Fall but now I am thinking I might take it in the summer (I'm getting my plan B together). What school? What teacher? How many days did you go to class? How long was the course? What grade did you get? How much time did you spend studying? Please tell all. Also, if anyone else has taken Micro. during the summer please share your experiences.

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    I keep hearing some of you talk about Pharma and Patho. According to the info. packet for EC/NL on the "cirriculum overview" page that lists prereqs., support courses, and nursing courses and what order everything needs to be taken in neither Pharma or Patho is listed. Does the cirriculum change once you get accepted into the program or is it just as listed in the info. packet? I know that those are required for Brookhaven but I wasn't aware that they were required for EC/NL. Also, seems like I read or heard somewhere that after you successfully complete the first 2 semesters of the RN program that you are able to take the state exam to be a LPN. Does anyone know anything about this?
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    I don't think you can take the NCLEX-PN in Texas, but you can in Oklahoma. After paying the fees to Oklahoma & passing the NCLEX-PN there, it takes another $300 or so to transfer the license to Texas.

    I'm interested to know about patho and pharm as well.

    As far as the Micro...Yes, I took it during the Maymester/Summer I. It was an 8-week course at Brookhaven, beginning after the Spring semester, and ending with the end of Summer 2.

    I took it with Serra. I hated it at the time, but overall, it really wasn't so bad. She does give attendance quizzes which go toward bonus points on tests. (That helped out tremendously!!!) She'd review something from the previous day at the beginning of class, and give you a question over it at the end of class.

    I had her for lab also, and she was very helpful. Others who had the same lecture, had a different lab instructor, didn't feel like they were getting help in lab. ("Is this gram positive?"....Instructor looks in microscope.....I don't know, is it gram positive?") :angryfire Even that lady was very nice though, and very knowledgeable as well. I went to open lab times with her there, and wouldn't mind if I had her for lab.

    Serra's exams were mostly scan-tron, but did have some short answer/essay questions. She'd give partial credit on those, so that helped a bunch!!

    A friend of mine took it during the summer at NLC. It was 10 weeks, lasting Summer I and Summer II. I don't remember the name, but it was a man with an Asian name. His exams are fill-in-the-blanks. EWWWWWE!

    Anyway, I hated everyone at the beginning of my MicroSUX! class. It was one of those, "If I make a C, I'll be happy!" Well, I ended up with an A, so it's possible. :chuckle

    Good luck whatever you do.
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    Actually - you can take the PN after 1 year of your RN program but I think thats 3 semesters - not two. Most people don't because there is really no advantage in doing so with just two semesters let to go, it isn't cheap to do it, and you'd be taking the RN in less than 2 semesters by the time you actually applied to sit, took the exam, got the license, and found a job you would almost be an RN and then you'd have to pay for it all all over again...

    I don't know that you can do it with all of the programs, I think it depends on how some of them are laid out. In addition it may have changed in tha past few years. The Texas board of nurse examiners merged with the LVN board so I would call the Texas BON to get the details.
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    I think it's three years in TX because of the mental health requirement. ....From what I've heard.

    Yes, calling the BON would be the best advice.