El Centro Fall 2018

  1. I will be applying to the fall 2018 semester at El Centro. I am excited but also nervous that I might not have enough points. How many points will everyone else be applying with?
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  3. by   lcal07

    I will possibly be applying with 39 points. I heard last class the cut off was initially 32, but its been lowered to 30 since the update. Good luck!!
  4. by   mommyjenn88
    I will only have 30 points by the deadline. I really hope that is enough to get in. I would of had 36 points, but they changed the guidelines and HPRS classes were replaced with patho and pharm.
  5. by   lcal07
    Ooh no I heard about the change. I wonder since you did it before 2018 it will count still? I was reading that the lowest the spring group got in with was 28.
  6. by   Schenier90
    Hi @mommyjenn88 I applied for Spring 2018 but I did not make it in. My HPRS classes were not used in calculating my final score due to my professor posting grades after the deadline.....even though we finished before. When I spoke with the Dean she stated they would accept the HPRS classes for the next filing period. She may end up accepting for a whole year due to changing last minute. I will be applying with 33 points at the moment. I am retaking the HESI Jan 6th so my score my go up.

    I also was not allowed to retrieve my application to resubmit after the date they gave me. I have to check back 2 weeks before the deadline. I am guessing they are getting denials from some people and want to keep the apps to fill those spots. I guess I am still in the game! 😬
  7. by   mommyjenn88
    Yeah I ended up contacting the Dean about the HPRS classes, and she said they will be accepting both the new requirements or the old HPRS courses. I feel like anything over 30 points is a good place to be at. I am incredibly nervous though. I feel like if I dont get accepted that I will lose the confidence and the patience to sit around another 6 months and wait for the next enrollment period. So fingers crossed I get in first try. I only have one thing left to cross off before submitting my application, and that is going and getting my physical done.
  8. by   ana92
    Hello I'm new to this thread. I am taking my hesi a2 next month. I am nervous about the English section. How did you guys study? have they open the castle branch website because I still see the sentry. I am also planning to apply for the fall 2018
  9. by   mommyjenn88
    I used online study guides to just refresh my memory before I took the hesi. They have not updated with castlebranch yet. I sent an email asking because that is the only thing I have left to do. They told me to submit my application everything except for the health paperwork, and that I would recieve an email for the updated castlebranch stuff.
  10. by   lala2019
    Hey Guys,

    I also applied for Fall 2018 enrollment. I applied with 31 points, I am also nervous but very hopefully. I really don't want to retake my HESI so I am taking more support courses to boost my points. Tomorrow is the application deadline and I haven't heard anything back from the school. I was told no correspondences would go out until after the deadline. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope to see you this fall! I will be following this thread until then
  11. by   Schenier90
    Good luck to you as well! I will also be applying with 31 points. The deadline is actually January 31st and notification letters are mailed out by April 30th.
  12. by   Chrisl3315
    I am applying with 35 points. I hope I get in. My 1st choose is Northlake and my 2nd choice is El Centro. Good luck to everyone.
  13. by   Schenier90
    Hello everyone,
    I dropped off my app today and found out that we would receive correspondence regarding castle branch by feb 28th but they may end up going back with the company they used before to submit oir health info. Anyone remember the name of them? For the life of me,I can't remember the name.
  14. by   JoannaWeaver88
    I will have 31 points. If I added correctly: I worried it's not enough. They give credit for the scit classes if it was before 2015 and they said we get credit for the HPRS. So I'm hoping it comes out to 31. I'm nervous tho, but atleast I applied. I am also applying to LVN school. I assume mailed my application in with a tracking number so I hope it gets there okay!