collin college wait list fall 2011

  1. is anyone else on the collin college wait list for fall 2011?
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  3. by   nursesme
    I am also on the wait list for Collin's Fall 2011 semester. I have an appointment on Wednesday to find out where I am on the list. Do you know where you are on the list? It seems like almost everyone I know was wait listed.
  4. by   bubbasmom
    i find out tommorrow.
  5. by   adf96
    Me too. My appt. is on Thursday afternoon. Nursesme, I know your SIL!
  6. by   nursesme
    I have my appointment tomorrow too. Adf96, it's a small world! Do you have a class with her?
  7. by   4thekids
    Me too! :uhoh21: Has anyone heard anything yet??
  8. by   adf96
    I got a call yesterday!!!
  9. by   4thekids
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!! I'm SOOO HAPPY for you. Do you mind sharing what number you were on the list?? I'm keeping the faith....
  10. by   adf96
    I was first on the list. Do you know your position? TWU notifications went out this week....maybe that will free up a few spots. I am taking an evening class for micro and no one in my class even applied, so I haven't heard of anyone else getting in off the wait list. I've heard on average 5-7 people get in off the list, but I am not sure where that "rumor" comes from!!
  11. by   4thekids
    Oh ok!! I was told that I was close (in the top 20). Ive heard the same rumor about a few people being called from the waiting list. I'm still hopeful!!! So far, you're the only person I know of to get a call so far.

    Congratulations again!!!

    Hopefully I'll see you on the 29th!!
  12. by   bubbasmom
    they messed up on my transcript too. they said the english i took for my bachelors wont work as my eng preq so now i have to take eng 1 maymester.and here i thought i could relax after micro.
  13. by   adf96
    Have you had the english class reveiwed by the college? I've had all my classes officially transferred in. My english was credit by exam and I wanted to make sure it would count.
  14. by   CollinNursing2013
    Quote from adf96
    I got a call yesterday!!!


    Glad they were able to correct your mistake and you made it in!

    Hope to meet you on the 29th!!