Collin College Fall 2013 Nursing Applicant's

  1. I just finished taking my PSB and I've already submitted my application to Collin College for the Fall of 2013. This is my 3rd time applying and I'm really hoping I get in this time around. If I did well on the PSB I should have 15 out of 16 points, so I think I should have a pretty good chance of getting into the program. My question is has anyone heard anything about students being turned down for taking A&P I twice to improve their grade? I received a B the first time I took it, so I retook it this last semester and at the end of the semester my professor told my class if this was our 2nd time taking it then we might as well not even waste our time applying to Collin, because they will automatically throw away your application if you didn't get an A the first time you took it. Has anyone heard if this is true or not?
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  3. by   jchris
    Hi rebekahmae, I am in the same boat as you. Hoping for at least a 15 if I did okay on my PSB, and I also retook Micro last semester. It was my understanding when discussing with the Nursing Dept. that retakes become an issue if you are in a tiebreaker situation. At this point I am just nervous about how I actually did on the PSB! Good luck to you
  4. by   not.done.yet
    No, that is not true. They average the two grades together and go with that.
  5. by   juneau44
    I've spoken with the nursing coordinator multiple times and retakes are okay. She explained to me that it is only used in tiebreaks. They don't average the scores together. They put how many retakes you have. The less the better. I've retaken both AP I and II and we went over the exact form that is used and I am very relieved that's the way it's done. Fingers crossed! Hope we all get in
  6. by   jchris
    Well that is a relief, thanks for the info juneau!
  7. by   NurseRebe2015
    Thanks! That it is a huge relief. I was trying to apply to El Centro too, but I was missing one class and I missed the deadline for signing up for the HESI, so the only place I'm applying to is Collin. Well good luck to you guys and thanks for answering my question!
  8. by   kt0128
    Does anyone know what the stats are? I know the fall semester is usually more competitive and last fall there were so many 16's and 15's... I am applying with 15 (5 from PSB).. any info would help, kinda driving myself crazy lol
  9. by   abenton111
    from what ive been told, the fall 2013 class has been picked
    200 applicants
    42 accepted....
  10. by   NurseT1971
    WOW! I thought they at accepted 60 applicants.
  11. by   kt0128
    I just called and there were 250 applicants.. she couldn't give me any other specifics.. letters should be mailed out 2nd week in March.. does anyone know how many applicants usually apply? or if this is higher than normal?
  12. by   jchris
    Wow, glad to hear we are getting close to finding out! I seem to recall in past semesters the number of applicants being up over 300, but I don't know for sure... Thanks for the info!
  13. by   BrandiRaterDavis
    Hi! I have 15 pts, I have 4.0 in all the classes and made a 5 on the PSB. This is my first time to apply. Do they usually take most 15 points? I am SOOO anxious!
  14. by   nursey07289
    I hear there are usually 250 applicants. I applied...just waiting to hear! If any of y'all get your letter, let us know! I want the suspense to be over....good luck to all who applied!