Can you take the LVN licensing exam during RN school?

  1. Hello! I have a question about LVN licensing while in nursing school (ADN or BSN). My BSN program does not offer the LVN exam for those junior or senior students to have the option to work as an LVN during school. Is this the only way of getting a LVN examination/license while you are working towards your RN degree? Or can you contact the Texas BON and ask if you can take it? I am already a CNA, but I would like to get more technical experience with the LVN route during school.
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  3. by   SassKatt
    Contact the state board of nursing to find out what their exact requirements are. I know that I was able to take the exam in Missouri years ago after completing specific courses, such as Med/Surg and Peds.
    I am sure each state is different and that was years ago.
  4. by   caliotter3
    If your school will not sign off on your application for the licensing exam then you are unable to get licensed using that method. You would have to use another method of qualifying, such as military training. You should check with your Board to see if you qualify under other methods.
  5. by   lavatea
    We just got a message from our dean saying that the BON will no longer allow RN students to petition to sit for the LVN exam. I was wondering if anyone on here had heard this and knew the rationale for the decision.
  6. by   HouTx
    I believe that there has been evidence of a lack of 'scope of practice' understanding when RN students have been allowed to sit for LVN boards. LVNs have a different scope of practice that is thoroughly addressed in their training programs. RN students are not provided with this information. Also, the pace of clinical education for RN students does not provide a good 'match' with the clinical skills training in LVN programs. LVN programs generally provide more hands-on clinical experience early in their curriculum.