BSWH Spring 2018 Residencies

  1. I just thought I would start a post for the BSWH's Spring 2018 Residencies. Has anyone heard anything yet? I applied for a few in Dallas and also Temple and Austin. Good luck to everyone in their application process!
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  3. by   NurseBAP
    I applied as well!
  4. by   allrobin23
    I applied and weeks later was asked to do a video (pre-recorded questions) interview. Have not heard anything back for two weeks now and my job profile doesnt show anything different...
  5. by   chief76
    I was turned down for all 3 Dallas locations I applied at. But I did a video interview this week for the Temple location.
  6. by   TTUBSN
    How do you know you were turned down already?
  7. by   chief76
    I received an email from each location. It's difficult with an ADN, without working at one of the facilities, at least in Dallas. However, I was really impressed with Temple. I went to their New Grad Expo. Hopefully I will get called for an interview next month.
  8. by   Greeneydgirl93
    I went to the Temple new grad expo too! I'm hoping the emergency department calls me back. Are they not accepting ADN's in their Dallas facilities? I was planning on applying there too.
  9. by   chief76
    They may be. I applied to a different specialty, so that may have something to do with it. I know of a person that graduated with her ADN about a year ago and works with one of the Dallas locations in the ED. So it's definitely worth a shot!
  10. by   s.leblanc2014
    I applied! Sent my application in today. Best of luck for us!
  11. by   s.leblanc2014
    Can you give me some insight on the interview questions? I got an email today saying they wanted me to do the video interview! I’m nervous!! I haven’t done a recorded interview before. Thank you for any advice!
  12. by   chief76
    They are pretty general. Why you want to be a nurse, what specialty interests you most, talk about a time you had a difficult patient, how you multitask, etc. I think there are 6 questions in all. You can literally re-record it as many times as you want. After you have done it several times, you become a lot less nervous. Don't sweat it, it's not bad.
  13. by   s.leblanc2014
    You are the best! Thank you. That helps me get some sort of idea. I’m glad we can re-record them! That takes away some of the nerve
  14. by   TexasGirl17
    Has anyone heard anything? I had an interview about 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard back...