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I have a 91 on the HESI, will have 34 points with all support courses completed except Dosages. Applying for Spring 2010. Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Alum08
    MJones - I am in the same boat as you. I got an 84 on my Hesi (I did poorly on the A&P portion). I also have all my classes complete except the End of Life Issues, which I probably never get into because it's always closed when I am able to register (since I go to school there, I have to wait to register). I don't think I will get in though - so I am just counting on the extra 3 points and plan to do a lot more studying next time for that particular section. Brookhaven also offers a HESI prep. I was going to take it this time but it was after the exam cut off.

    ** To answer your question:
    I had 14.12 points before Hesi (classes and gpa).
    Hesi gave me 9 points.
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  2. by   Kani1108
    I'm applying for the second time with 33.18 points and been told by others that I should be able to get in....I'm feeling pretty good about it, but don't want to be overly optimistic until I know for sure. Ann said we should know our admittance status by the end of October. I can't wait to get this waiting period over with so I can start planning for next year!
  3. by   Alum08
    Kani did you retake your hesi the second time around or keep your scores?
  4. by   Kani1108
    Alum08 I retook the Hesi to improve my score. The Hesi score is good for 2 years, but you can retake them during any application period if you are unsatisfied with your score.
  5. by   ELCO_GIRL
    It is good to hear that you can retake the test during the application period. I want to take it too, but do not feel confident yet.