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  1. Hi. I am from Missouri and possibly looking to move to Texas. Could anyone tell me of local staffing/per diem agencies in Austin?
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  3. by   CSLee3
    Try All About Staffing or MSN. They are two large agencies in the area.
  4. by   RN1989
    If you are looking for hospital work and need to work full time, you may have difficulty. ALL of the hospitals in Austin belong to one of two networks, Seton (Catholic no profit) and St. David's (for profit). They really do not like to allow outside agency in and I have seen them put a freeze on all outside agency before. Outside agency is used as last resort only and it was hard to get full time work without giving up your life and working shifts you didn't want to work.

    I would suggest that you check out their float pools if you need work full time. Seton Premiere Staffing was great when I worked with them. Got full time work without any problems except in cases of extreme summer low census. But if you are willing to work ANY of the hospitals in the network you can get your shifts. Pay at that time was a few bucks lower than outside agency but I got full time work and outside agency rarely did. They ran Premiere Staffing like an agency with only a few weekend/holiday requirements (2 shifts wknd/mo and they could be 8 hr shifts, with one major holiday per year - your choice of Turkey Day, Christmas or New Years). If you hated your shift on a floor one day, you could call the office and ask to go somewhere else the next day and they usually obliged. There were things I didn't like about Seton at the time, but after moving from the area - Seton was wonderful. Plus there was lots of con ed available. Basically the benefits of a full time job (minus the insurance and PTO) but the flexibility of an agency.
  5. by   loricatus
    Try Nursefinders. They have a national database with local offices throughout. If you sign up where you are (either at a local office or online), the records are transferred wherever you ask. I have also heard that Supplemental works in that area.