Are ATI Tests similar to boards?

  1. i am almost finished with 2nd semester lvn program. we have taken proctored ati tests, and i wondered if they are anything like the boards???

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  3. by   cynthia_donne
    I am not sure what the test you refer to are, but if you want something that will prepare you for boards, get NCLEX. They are for the RN test, but I think they will help you alot. If you use them to study for every system, you will always do well on test. When you go to take your board test there will be no surprise.
  4. by   dosamigos76
    I am in New Mexico, and we took the ATI. The whole purpose of it was to let you know what areas that you are weak and what the liklihood is that you will pass NCLEX. You can go online to their site and look at the results too.
    Good luck.