Apartments close to Houston methodist Downtown

  1. Please I need help in finding an affordable, nice, one bedroom apartment near the Houston methodist hospital down town (Houston,Texas). I do not have a car but will be using Uber to and from work or transit. please help! Give me as much information as you can thanks.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Oh my - if you're going to be living in Houston, you're going to have to get a car at some point. I love my hometown, but it's not really public transit friendly.

    You may want to explore apartments along the light rail system that runs into the medical center. Unfortunately, apartments in the TMC area are fairly expensive - starting at ~ $1K per month. There are also many complexes along Almeda & South Main (south of TMC), but your major disadvantage is going to be the lack of grocery & shopping within a reasonable distance. Unfortunately, apartment rent has become a lot more expensive over the last couple of years and it doesn't appear to be decreasing any time soon.

    In order to decrease traffic & parking problems, most TMC organizations offer incentives to employees who utilize some type of public or shared transportation. There are some transportation options such as vanpools and ride sharing that you'll probably find out as part of the employee onboarding process or you could contact the HR department ahead of time and see if they can give you some additional information.

    Welcome to Houston!
  4. by   Ndy-RN
    Thank you so much for this information.
  5. by   equalme
    Uber from and back will get expensive quick and tiresome. There has also been talks about Uber discontinuing in Houston. Your best bet is to find an apartment/condo/townhouse close to the rail system but like HouTx is ~$1k starting and goes up from there. Is there any specific reason you cannot drive? There is no longer any nearby groceries stores nearby since Krogers on OST closed down. If purchasing is an option, I have my condo listed up for sale currently, off of Holly Hall St and ~5-7 minute drive into medical center. Mortgage plus HOA fee will be less than having to rent by a few hundred a month. Contact me for more info if interested.
  6. by   mmarinas
    Unfortunately it is true about Houston, at some point you will need a car. But in the mean time, I would say stay near the Metro light rail. You can also use the regular metro bus system as long as you are not too far from the Med Center (within 5 miles ideally within the 610 loop). Is there a price range you are trying to stay in? I used to live close to S Braeswood and 610 and I rode the Metro bus to Methodist. The commute was not bad at all.
  7. by   Ndy-RN
    Thank you so much @mmarinas. I found a place near mthe metro light rail as @HouTx suggested. I will definitely start saving for a car. And will look into using the metro bus or train. Thank you guys for such huge advice.