anyone who graduated from the LVN program at the TMC

  1. i am in this program and i wish i weren't. well i wish i was in a part-time program. u can't leave the classroom to use the restroom, which is sorta ok., don't try to blow ur nose outside basically u can't be outside the classroom because they will deduct minutes. Don't try to leave the room to pass gas, if ur nauseated oh well, they really don't care. let just say it's real easy to get kicked out of this program. i'm so scared. i just got a cold boy oh boy.3 tardies ur gone and hopefully they'll let u in, some will actually lock u out.. i wish there was in another lvn program in the tmc area. i regret it becuz i didn't know it was gonna be like this , i wish they told us this in the information session. i can't even concentrate ont he 17hrs of classes we have this semester. i heard today if ur in a flood zone , a place that gets flooded and the school is open and u can't leave ur absent, no exceptions. i think 2 absents ur gone. if there's anyone who has been in this program at this school and have some advice i really need it . i already paid for everything and i'm trying to be positive but i'm really scared.
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  3. by   Kiya
    Welcome to nursing. If you can't handle the program, how do you expect to handle the profession?
  4. by   pink2004
    all i need is some advice on what to do. i have a cold right know and i don't want them to send me home. i'm taking medicine to reduce it. for anyone who went to the school what did u do while you were sick. did they send u home. this is just my second day and i am worried.