Anyone from Texas? San Antonio?

  1. My husband is in the military and being stationed in San Antonio. I have only been to the area once many years ago and have no idea what to expect. I am a new nurse BSN with only 8 months of experience in med/surg. Anyone know what the pay is in the area? Any advice on hospital site I can go to apply? Any hospitals offering bonuses? Any info. would be of help and would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   miranda819
    Hello! I live in the San Antonio area. Currently I'm a student, chasing that nursing degree! But I think I can help you out a little. Here are some hospital sites in the area:

    Your best bet is to look over the individual hospital web sites. That's where you will find most of the job listings. From what I've seen in the paper, yes several hospitals do offer sign on bonuses.

    San Antonio has quite a few hospitals to chose from. The downtown area has several big hospitals, as well as a medical center located north of downtown.

    Good luck with your job search! And welcome to San Antonio!

  4. by   leisa22
    Your links were great! At least now I have a few hospitals to scope out online while Im waiting to move. I am moving in a month and cant wait. I didnt realize how big San Antonio is...I dont remember it being so big.
  5. by   miranda819
    Hi! It's me again. I was just reading the San Antionio Express News, and there was a special health care job insert! Here are some more places to check out! (this one listed a sign on bonus of $2,000 for days and $5,000 nights)

    I hope these help you out!

  6. by   leisa22
    Wow, Thanks Miranda. I cant wait to get to San Antonio. Im leaving in three weeks!!
  7. by   momof5
    Hi everyone,

    I to am probably going to be making the move from Austin to San Antonio when my lease is up in October because I have been accepted to San Antonio College's LVN to ADN program, not to mention my family lives there. I am pretty excited about going and can't wait to start. Thanks for the links Miranda, I will be looking for a job over there in the future as the time gets closer. Leisa, did you find a job yet at any of the hopitals? Let us know which one you liked best. I hope I can find a job at a hospital when I get there. I have been in LTC for a year and am ready for a change. Austin is a nice place to live but it's hard for an LVN to get a hospital job around here due to the hospitals' preference for RN's. I will miss Austin but I know I will like San Antonio. Has anyone around here ever gone to SAC's nursing program? If so, how did you like it? Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!