Anyone applying for TVCC Fall 07

  1. Hi, I am just trying to see if anyone else on here is planning to apply to the Fall 07 ADN program at Trinity Valley Community College in Kaufman?

    I am trying to find out some more information on the class scheduling/weekend course.

    If anyone knows anything, I'd love to hear from you.

    ~Bridget (PreNurseKirk)

    Classes down this year:
    1. College Algebra - A
    2. Intro to Psych - A
    3. Dev. Psych - A
    4. Composition I - A
    5. Sociology - A
    6. Nutrition - A
    Classes in progress
    7. A&P 1 - 100 average, 3 wks to go
    8. American Hist - in progress
    Spring 07
    9. A&P 2
    10. Microbiology
    11. Statistics
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  3. by   PreNurseKirk
    Well, it looks like I answered my own question.

    TVCC does not offer a weekend ADN program anymore. I talked with the program counselor and she said they canceled it because it wasn't doing well.

    I'm so sad :-( Oh well, the wait continues. I'll just have to put off school even longer now. At least I can continue working towards completing the BSN courses needed for TWU. I plan to go there after my ADN.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to all!
  4. by   rdnkmommy
    I just found out I got into TVCC. I was number 11 on the waiting list but got the call last week that I got in!!
  5. by   cookiemomma

    congrats!!! i am sure you will really do well.....I left terrell/kaufamn area before i was ever accepted in the program....i am now working in houston at the medical center and am taking online courses. keep smiling they will never know what you are really thinking.....