any Nurse techs in the Houston Area???

  1. Hello all! I'm completing my first semester in nursing school and I heard that I could possibly work as a nurse tech at a hospital. Since my nursing school is out of town, I think I will only be able to work during the summer. My questions are:

    1) How does one apply for this kind of job? Is there anybody in particular that i should be speaking to about this kind of position?

    2) What hospitals (preferably in the Northwest side of town or the Med. center) hire nurse techs?

    3) I have checked the career openings of certain hospitals like Methodist (willowbrook & TMC), St. Lukes, Houston Northwest Med. Center, etc and there is no job opening that says anything like Nurse Tech or Nurse assistant. All i see is CNA and New grad positions. (I am a CNA, but I don't want to just do only ADLs, I want more clinical learning experience as well with an experienced nurse mentoring me)

    4) If you are currently a nurse tech, could you tell me where you work, How you like it, and How did you get the position.

    If anyone can help answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. I know that there should be nurse techs at at least a few hospitals, but it seems like that job almost doesn't exist in Houston.
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  3. by   RNQueen
    Make a nice resume. talk to staff members during clinicals. In fact, visit HR of your clinical sites. It will help if you're a CNA already. In a summer while in nursing school I got 10.91 at Bayshore Med Center, in another summer I got 12.50 at Texas Children's. I got the jobs by talking with my nurse preceptors who talked to nurse managers. Although I have experience as a CNA, the fact that a nurse to be will be doing CNA work makes you an asset.
  4. by   kittyn
    hi htownballerete1!
    i'm in the same boat as you are. have you had any luck finding a job?
  5. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    Hi RNQueen and Kittyn! Thanks for your responses! No, I have yet to find a job. :-( I am also a CNA but unfortunately, my school is out of town (5 hours away) so my clinical instructors aren't as familiar with the hospitals in Houston. I called the hospitals that's by my house and they don't hire techs. I applied at Texas Children's Hospital and that position was taken by someone else. I also applied at Ben Taub hospital (where my BF's mom is a nurse working 10+ years with them) and they have yet to give me any notice. My application just says 'in route'. This is just frustrating!!! I have even applied at assistaed living places, as well as nursing homes.

    I don't get it. I'm a nursing student, and a CNA, and moderate in Spanish (and still learning). You would think I would at least get a phone call...
  6. by   NeoNurseTX
    St. Joseph downtown hires techs. Looks like they have quite a few PCA openings.
  7. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    Update: I just got a call from Ben Taub, asking if I was still interested in a position. They want me to come in for this 'nursing test' this Thursday! I'm kind of nervous about what will be asked but I'm just glad I got a call back.I will keep you posted! Hopefully I will get this job! (God willing) How is the job search Kittyn?
  8. by   aziza_RN
    Hope your interview goes well at BT. Do please keep us posted!
  9. by   aziza_RN
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  10. by   hedeyyy
    How did the interviews for nurse tech @ Ben Taub go?? I'm due for tomorrow and quite nervous about what will be asked... how should I prepare?
  11. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    Hey all! the interview went really well. I was interviewed by 4 people the the same time (talk about nerve wrecking) . RNqueen, I did make resumes for each of them, so I hope that made a difference. After the interview, they said they will send notification calls any time between 8-5 today. So you better believe that my phone will be glued to my hip...LOL. One thing that I liked about this position is that it's extremely flexible. And flexibility is my friend, since I go to school so far away from home.

    Hedeyyy- Are you applying for a tech position too? I wish you well on your interview. My interview was nice. To prepare, just be yourself. Come professional and ready to impress. They asked me things about my nursing school and CNA experience, and why I wanted the position. Good thought provoking questions that they asked were things like 'what are your strengths/weaknesses?' or 'How would others describe you' and also 'Give a clinical example of a time that you independently used critical thinking skills to solve a problem.' That queston was the toughest one for me, honestly. But I never let them see me sweat. Whenever I am interviewed, I try my best to give an honest answer that's not exactly a generic 'cookie cutter' answer. That's always helped me get ahead, because I try to stand out.

    I'm SO EXCITED, NERVOUS, and SCARED all at the same time. I will definatly let you know what happens later on today!!!
  12. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    i got the job!!!!!

    i thought they were going to call yesterday so i was kinda bummed. so when they called me (just now) i am so excited. praise the lord! 30 people applied and only 10 got the position, so i feel quite blessed. thanks for all your support and advice!!!!! how is everybody else doing on their job searches?
  13. by   bombshell10
    Hi... I see this is from last year but i just applied for that position and was wondering if you can give me a quick recap of your experiences at Ben Taub.
  14. by   Trilldayz,RN BSN
    The Job is FREAKING AWSOME! In the summer, is when there is orientation and you have a checkoff list to complete by the time the summer is over. It's like a nursing school skills checkoff list but it's better (and longer) because they let you do ALOT more. For example, when I started, I only completed my 1st semester of Nursing school... by the time I finished the Tech orientation summer period, I had already done Stage 4 wound care, drew blood on over 200 patients, helped start IVs, Medications, etc. You get assigned to a nurse mentor at a department that you would be interested in working. (I told them I was interested in Adolescent health and I was assigned to a huge clinic, that has many specialties, not only pedi, with my mentor) Other techs in my group chose to be in places like NICU, ER, Med-Surg, clinics, etc. You work whenever you want to work, but on Fridays is when all us techs and the HCHD director meet up and talk about our's awesome (and she buys lunch...which is really great). And you are getting paid for ALL of this, by the way. It's BADASS!!! And we techs, there was about 8 of us, are SO close now. You will see them alot...we did a project and filmed a mini-movie about HIV and we presented it to HCHD board of directors. They absolutely loved it and planned to start showing it city wide. After the Summer orientation schedule, you are still a Tech and you just work whenever you want whenever you are free from school. I go to school out of town so I only work a few weeks in a year...but they always find a place for me to work. It's great!
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