angelo state university nursing program

  1. I just got my acceptance letter to start in Fall 09! has anyone else been accepted to ASU?..I didnt see any posts about this school yet!
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  3. by   4aDrIa
    Congrats to you. I was accepted into ASU's 2nd degree BSN program that starts in May 18th. Their 2nd degree program is brand new, I am in their 1st class which will be held at the main campus in San Angelo. From my understanding, future entering classes will be able to take all the classes online and complete their clinicals in their hometown.
  4. by   Liz Cleveland
    Could you give me little more information about your application to San Angelo State? I'm interested in applying for their 2nd degree program. Specifically, what grades did you hold in your undergrad, A&P, pre-requisites? Thanks for your help! Good luck with classes.
  5. by   8jimi8ICURN
    ASU is my alma mater. I didn't get my nursing degree there tho. I heard it is one of the best nursing schools in texas. I may do their online ADN/RN, but I'm not sure I want to commit the two semesters + the "community nursing" clinical. I am probably just going to wait for a few years and do my RN - Master's bridge. Who knows. One thing is for sure... San Angelo is not the place you want to be living... that is unless you like tumbleweeds and two-stepping.
  6. by   peanut_squeak215
    Hey KPONDER88!! I was accepted as well for Angelo State University's Nursing Program. I start in the Fall as well. Are you from San Angelo? I will be moving down there from Colorado Springs. I lived 4 years in San Angelo prior to locating to Colorado Springs. I pretty much know the town, just not the university lol.. congrats!
  7. by   LATAVAEA
    hey wow I just moved to san Angelo. I am relocating I actually moved from California. I plan to do the new program starting Summer 2 which is completely online a LVN to ADN then to BSN.