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  1. Is anyone currently in the ADN program at Temple College, or is anyone a first time applicant for the fall of 07?? This is my first semester at Temple. I took the NET this morning, and passed. I know the criteria for admissions, but I was curious if anyone has been turned down? Also, is anyone here who was accepted the first time around?? I just read a thread about this chick who was rejected twice, which put a damper on my excitement. Any input would help.

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  3. by   CSLee3
    It reallyk depends on how well you did on your NET, your pre-reqs GPA and other factors. I think they take 60-70 freshman a year, but have well over a hundred applicants. It is worth the wait and drive if you are coming from out of town. TC has been around since 1926 and puts out some darn good nurses. Clinical sites are awesome and their facilities are unbeatable in the state. Look at thier facilities and sim lab online. Anyhow, hang in there, as you may get in the first round, you might make a waiting list, as it is a military community and people move alot right before school starts. As far as shear numbers, far less competetive than ACC. Austin is such a heavy populated area and with the rush to get into nursing and ems programs, long waits are created. Driving North against the traffic is a wise decision. Also check out their NCLEX pass rates for the past 5 or 10 years and compare to other colleges in the area. Good luck and "never give up"...