ACC Spring 2013 hopefuls

  1. Anyone else out there? I'm starting my prerequisites this spring, and will be applying this summer for the spring of 13. Anyone else in the same boat?
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  3. by   katetexas
    I'm in that boat. Hopefully some more people will join us. I can't believe how hard it is to get into the program now. Good luck!
  4. by   bear mountain
    I hope more people join this blog. I applied for Spring 2013 at ACC and would love to get feed back from other students.
  5. by   bear mountain
    I joined! The nursing program is hard to get into. I think I will need to take some classes over again in the Fall. Taking classes over is not something that I want to do, but have to do for the program.
  6. by   kdell23
    This is my second time applying to the program. I applied for the fall '12 semester with only 48 points (hadn't finished all the co-req's yet). This time I've got 61 points, so I'm hoping that'll be enough to get me in! I guess you never know though...
  7. by   bear mountain
    Good luck Kdell 23.
  8. by   michellemc
    I'm anxiously waiting to hear if I get in this spring. I applied for Fall 2012 with a ranking score of 54.18 (I had two B's) and did not even get offered Nursing Skills. My ranking position was 223 out of 478 applicants. They took 95 applicants.

    I took Psychology over, so now I have a 55.09 plus 5 for reapplying equals 60.09. I think this will be on the edge.

    The cutoff for first round (first 95 letters sent) in Fall 2012 was 59.8 points. After deferments and people who didn't pass background checks or dropped out, they ended up taking students whose ranking position was in the 120's, and I don't know what that ranking score was. Tammy did tell me I was a few people away from being able to take the Nursing Skills class in the fall.

    Good luck to all. It's gonna be a long wait!
  9. by   elfimka
    I just took HESI this August and applied for Spring. With the current wait list, I will probably not get in till Fall 2013. When do you get our rank number, do you guys know?
  10. by   sungal
    Hey guys, just another hopeful here. I'm expecting to get rejected for Spring 2013, since I don't have some of the co-reqs done yet. I'm using this application round as a gateway to admission in Fall 2013 (with re-application/review points and fingers crossed!). I'd love to see what my ranking will be in this admission period, though. And the cutoff number of points and rank. That will be interesting for me.

    What else? Hmmm, I'm taking some of my co-reqs this semester, and also starting on my ADN-to-BSN co-reqs. I'm also thinking of applying to other programs, but haven't really looked into that fully yet. I have to go to ACC's transfer university orientation or their transfer counselor for that, I'm assuming. I don't know if anyone else has pursued other alternatives to ACC, but if you have let me know.

    I have found information when they'll be sending us information about our Spring 2013 admission. I guess posted at the end of August on ACC's nursing website.

    Nursing Skills:
    2nd 8 week section petitions will be given after the application period is over and all applications are processed (3-4 weeks). Updates will be posted here.
    Ranking Calculation Emails
    Ranking calculation emails will be sent after all the applications are processed (3-4 weeks).
    Fall Acceptance Letter
    Letters will not be sent until October.
  11. by   murseman24
    Currently waiting in line.... anyone else think this is ridiculous? A 4.0 GPA and A on the HESI can't get you in? I have done quite a bit of poking around into other programs including Texas State and other programs outside of Austin and Texas (contemplating moving for reasons outside of nursing school), and I haven't found one that you couldn't get into with a perfect score. Austin pays a couple of dollars less for nurses from what I've heard around town compared with Houston and Dallas, and in fact I hear Houston is a great place to find a job, Austin not so much. How do we know that the minimum cut-off point won't raise next application period? By the time I'm accepted and done, I might just as well be applying to P.A. school.
  12. by   texasRN_14
    I am a Spring 2013 hopeful as well but I may be in a little different boat than some of you. I am a graduate of ACC's LVN program this past December and have applied to the Alternate Entry track. I would start in January in the 2nd semester of the RN program. I'm not sure how competitive this is compared to the traditional track. Either way I am anxiously awaiting October!
  13. by   sungal
    The ranking letters went out! Did anyone get theirs? I don't know why I'm excited; I'm not in the running this semester. Oh well. I have a score of 52, so I am excited. They gave me credit for a class I didn't think I would get credit for. The score sheet is a little confusing. The email also says that the acceptance letters or rejection/ranking placements will go out in approximately early October.

    Hi murseman and texaslvn! murseman, what Houston schools have you looked into? I see a lot of other forums threads for schools in Houston, but haven't looked into specifics. Are the pre-reqs drastically different than ACC? texaslvn, I wish I had gone the LVN route a couple years ago, but I guess I can't turn back time. Do you work in the medical field currently? Do any of you work in the medical field? I don't work in the medical field currently and would have to take a drastic pay cut to become an CNA, so I am debating it. But I heard it helps in getting a job as a nurse down the road. I am going to try to get CNA certified, even if I don't take a job in the field. Some ADN BSN programs require it, too, so it would be good to have in my back pocket, if I happen to apply to another school or to find a cna job with good hours (haha, right?)
  14. by   elfimka
    I got mine today too. 54. Not in either. I didn't know they would include the grades from the co-reqs. But it makes sense that they do.

    I am debating if I should retake the two co-reqs that I got B's in, or just work on other stuff and reapply each semester.