A&P On-line ???

  1. I am thinking of taking A&P on-line through TCC ... Those of you that have done this do you have any suggestions ? Should I just stick to classroom ? I plan on taking all my classes on line this fall sesemter if I can. I also need Micro, do you have any feedback on taking A&P and Micro at the same time ? I have had A&P through my LVN program but I am pretty sure that the A&P for RN will be more detailed and no the credit will not transfer . Thanks for any insight you can offer !
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  3. by   MrNurse2B
    I took A&P II online last semester. It was certainly convenient, but you really must be very self motivated to learn all of the information. It is very easy to just make the grade and more difficult to learn what you really need to learn. I do think I would have gotten much more out of going to a live laboratory. You can do some of the experimenting at home with your specimen (a fetal pig) that you pick up at orientation, but it really isn't a good substitute for the live labs. Also, there is something to be said for listening to someone lecture about the information that you have read before class.

    In general, online classes are a great resource for those of us who may not be able to make it to a lecture/lab on campus due to work and family schedules. However, if you can make the class schedule fit, I would recommend the on campus classes.

    Mr. N2B
  4. by   goopsy
    I took A&P at Northlake and I had the best professor ever. Since we are not allowed to mention instructors on this forum, if you want to know who it was, just PM me. I loved this class so much. I took A&P with 16 other hours, so it was not easy, but I loved going to class for the first time and I actually looked forward to tues. and thurs. when I had class. I loved going to the labs. I learned so much in the live labs. I would recommend taking it in a lecture. I really do not know much about online A&P, but I would take my Northlake professor again if I had to which says a lot because it was hard, but I really loved that class. Good luck to you.