"Competing schools"

  1. I just recently started new job in a LTC facility and over the past week have gotten to know some of my new co-workers. there is one in particular who feels it is her duty to let me know that her school was better than mine, her anticipated RN bridge program is better than mine and she just is generally better. I am still struggling with why it is so important that we constantly compare all the area surrounding schools. I think that each school has its advantages and disadvantages and they are all just different. You get out of it what you put into it. I am so tired of having to listen to "oh, you over paid" and "oh, i would never go to that school" and on and on. In the end we ALL have to take the SAME NCLEX. I refuse to get into a debate with whether or not her school is better so I finally ended up just saying to her today "Ok, you win. Your school is better. You can have it." There are VN program on every corner seems like, can't we just get over who's better and just support and encourage one another?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Try to find another subject for conversation that interests her and engage her in a conversation about the new topic before she gets the first word in each time you see her. After awhile maybe she will tone it down a bit. She is insecure and needs to talk. What she talks about is not so important so try to distract her just like you would do with a confused elderly patient.
  4. by   txgal34
    i graduated from one of those "careeer colleges" that i paid a pretty penny for and have had people make those comments too....even when i was a student. i actually had one nurse tell me to drop out and "go to a real college." i had people tell me i would have trouble getting a job because i didn't go to a more "popular" school yet i found a job 2 days after i graduated (and i didn't work in the medical field so i had to find my nursing job). the way i look at that is that is their personal insecurity when someone constantly feels the need to tear someone down or brag how great they are. maybe those who have to brag, it's because it irks them that i didn't have to do 7 pre-reqs and wait 2 years and yet i am their equal? i could care less what school someone else went to and am always surprised when i meet those who are so passionately negative about the school i went to. when people say something to me i tell them i paid the big bucks to avoid the pre-reqs and multiple year list and competition of the traditional colleges. just remember, no matter what school someone went to we all take the SAME boards and have the SAME title. the quality of the nurse is the quality of the person...quality is not set by the school they graduated.
  5. by   JavaMama98
    Thanks for your comments. I never thought of it as her being insecure. I just figured she was like everyone else who wants to brag that their school is better. Though, after I thought about it, after I had said to her and 2 or 3 people who were talking to us that I had graduated the same month and year that she did she seemed to let her guard down quite a bit and confess that she is confused sometimes.
  6. by   mom35
    I know how you feel. I attend a community college and have been accepted into the ADN/RN program at the cc. There is someone that is transferring to a university for the BSN and you can tell this person feels superior. Now I think it is awesome to go to a university and four year degree and such, after I work as an RN for about a year I plan on going part time to work on bachelors. My AP professor told me that the hospitals always rave about how awesome the ADN/RN from our cc are and how they really know what to do after they are hired. Now I am not saying that because professor said this, we must be best. Just makes me feel good about my education. In the end we all take the nclex and that tells the tale. It does seem true that usually people that brag have something they are feeling insecure about. Also it may be that someone has bragged to her in the past and made her feel inferior so now she is doing what was done to her-maybe. All in all I would just have to ignore this person because people that brag generally get on my nerves. Just keep positive thoughts and know that you are GREAT!!!loveya: