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Hello fellow neonatal nurses,

I'm interested in the NICUs across Texas. Share any information you have about the NICUs in Texas, be as specific or general as you'd like. I thought it would be helpful for current or future neonatal nurses to be able to have an insight and get an idea about what each NICU offers. Please add any NICUs I missed and answer as much or as little as you want!!!

Hospital: (Name of Hospital or System: Baylor Scott & White, HCA, THR, etc)


# of Beds: you can state number of beds on floor/hospital, does your unit offer private rooms, etc.)

City: (Dallas, Houston, Austin, Waco, Bryan etc.)

Internship/Resideny offered:


NNP Available:

Patient Population: (What does the hospital/unit cater to? Ethnicty, race, age, etc.)

Staff Population: (How many staff on your unit, average age range, ethnicties, etc.)

General Info: (Anything that stands out about the unit/hospital? Self scheduling, great benefits, higher hourly rates, 8 or12 hr shift options, etc. What don't you like about your hospital or that it does not offer)

Dallas/Ft.Worth NICUs:

Baylor: Dallas, Carrollton, Ft.Worth, Frisco, Grapevine, McKinney



Childrens Medical Center

Texas Health Resources: Prebyterian Dallas, Presbyterian Plano, Harris Arlington, Presbyterian Allen, Harris Cleburne, Presbyterian Denton, Harris Ft.Worth, Harris HEB, Presbyterian Kaufman, Harris SW Ft.Worth, Harris Stephenville

HCA: Las Colinas Medical Center, Medical Center of Arlington, Medical Center Lewisville, Medical Center Plano, Medical Center (Childrens) Dallas, Medical City of McKinney


UT Southwestern

Austin NICUs:

St.Davids: Medical and Womens Center, Round Rock, South Austin,

Seton: Dell Childrens, Brackenridge, Austin, Hays, Northwest


Baylor/Scott & White: McLane Childrens (Temple), Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center (Waco), Killeen Metroplex Hospital

Bryan/College Station:

Scott & White: College Station

College Station Medical Center


Texas Children's

St. Josephs

Cypress Fairbanks

Houston NW Medical Center

HCA: Woman's Hospital of Texas

Houston Methodist: Sugarland, Willowbrook, San Jacinto, Katy West, Texas Medical Center

Memorial Hermann: Childrens, Katy, Southwest, Southeast, Sugarland, Northeast


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Hospital: Texas Health Resources

Level: Dallas-Level 3 Plano-Level 3

# of Beds: Dallas-47 , Plano -45

City: Dallas, Plano, DFW

Internship/Resideny offered: Yes, Versant Residency

Pay: GN $23.50/hr

NNP Available: Yes

Patient Population: N/A

Staff Population: N/A

General Info: THR has great benefits and better pay than some of the other hospitals, 12 hr shifts, self-scheduling, offers Peek-a-boo camera system. I know Plano is Magnet/Baby Friendly. Dallas has a very diverse patient population. I think Plano does everything except cardiac surgeries. Dallas has special care nursery. Hires Associates and Bachelors but wants employees to all have Bachelor degrees within next few years. NNP work during day shift. FT,PT, & PRN positions. PRN required to work once a week. You have to sign a 2 year contract if you are an intern. Color Dress code for scrubs.


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What type of set-up does the THD NICU have? During my nursing program I have seen private rooms (Medical City Dallas Children's), and Parkland currently has multiple babies in different smaller rooms, usually 6-8, but are becoming private rooms in their new building. Then Methodist Dallas has about 20+ per huge room. UTSW had multiple babies per room but is also going to private rooms in their new building.

Also, if you did the NICU Versant residency, do you have any advice or insight to share about it?


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The Versant Residency for THR is about 18 weeks. It has classes you attend during the first half. You have about 3 preceptors and they switch after each 6 weeks and/or new acuity level. You also have mentor meetings (helping build your career as a nurse) and discussion days (I can't remember what it is called but you get together to discuss how the versant program is or your concerns, good days, etc.). I'm glad I was able to do the residency. The bad thing is the 2 year contract (you have to complete 2 years or pay if you leave before your contract) if you feel the unit or specialty isn't a match for you.


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I love this post!!! Thanks so much for your response. Hopefully more people will give more information. I really desire to move to Dallas after completing nursing school.