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Test # 1

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I PASSED MY FIRST NURSING TEST! This is just one of many, but im very excited that I passed so I know I have been studying the right way. I probably gotta do somethings a lil different, but im proud of myself :)

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Congratulations! :anpom:

I sure feels good to have passed your first exam! I remember the feeling when I passed my first. It was just plain awesome! My advice to you is very simple: keep refining how you study for each exam and expect the next one to be harder than the last one. Nursing programs rarely change their basic format, so when you hear from your upperclassmen about the difficulty of the exams, believe them.

In each semester, there will almost always be an exam that's just really difficult, but if you've done your work and studies, you'll do just fine. Hopefully your program will start doing NCLEX-style exams (just not adaptive) so that you'll get used to how to work through them.

In the meantime, revel in the knowledge that you've passed your first exam and keep up the good work!


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You ROCK, NuNurse!

This is just the first in an ascending path for you, I know it.

Thank u so much and thanks for the tips and advice, I always like to hear other ppls advice.

I looked at this Profile and knew it must be Aneesha lol...great minds think alot i love this site