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Hey everyone, I have a question. I am a 2nd year, 5th semester ADN studant. At our school we have 2 different campuses, 57 students in my nursing class. We had a new instructor last week, new to our school and to teaching. She taught the lecture on Neuro & Spinal injuries. We had our test Monday, The whole class failed, Yes I mean literally all 57 people failed the test. The highest grade on the Test was a 74, we need 78 to pass. I am so depressed, I had really studied hard for that test. I made a 68, the lowest grade since I stared Nursing school. How would your schools handle a situation like this. Obviously, we are not stupid or we wouldn't have made it to the 5th semester in a 5 semester program. I feel that there is something terribly wrong with the whole class failing. We have the option to rebuttle certain questions on a test that we feel are not fair or correct, but How do you rebuttle the entire test. Any opinions or advice.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:


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That does seem odd that the whole class failed the test. If I were your instructor I'd be very concerned about that. Maybe some of you could get together and speak with her. See if she has time to go over the questions and where the answers are in the book. We are ultimately responsible for everything in our books even if it's not gone over in class.

Good Luck Tammy !


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Our instructors in the BSN program I graduated from seemed proud if the whole class failed, then the test was curved. Great for those who would have made a 74 initially as they got an A. Terrible for the students who received a 64, they may have gotten a C because there was often no more than a 12 point spread in the whole class! Yea, I always got the 64!


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At our school, a different instuctor and the dean would review the exam. They would then meet with the instructor that gave the exam to make a decision. Usually a new exam was written and given to the class. The reasoning behind this is that, although we are responsible for everything in the book that was not lectured, perhaps the new instuctor wasn't aware of how exams are given. This works out fine (other than the stress of another exam) because it gave the class another chance.


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At my school, exams are final. So its unfortunate if the entire class failed, but they aren't going to proctor another exam for us.

What was the problem with the exam? Why did everyone fail?I think you might have a case if she lectured on one topic and you took an exam on another, but if your assigned reading covered what was in the exam, they probably won't do anything for you. Just my opinion.

Good luck.


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At our school, grades are final too, no curve or grading up. Yes we are responsible for the entire reading material, but our instructors work really hard to ensure our understanding of the material. If you struggling, the office doors are always open and we have the learning center available to us.

I would really question the validity of a test where all 57 students failed. That is unreasonable. Yes nursing school is hard and there is alot to learn, but you should be able to pass the test with ample study time.

Good luck!


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This sounds simular to our final exam last semester. The highest grade was an 82 with an average score of 52. Unfortunately all grades are final at my school and we all basically got bad scores.

I barely made the grade to keep my scholarship; it sucked!!


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