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I would require suggestion as i recently got termination letter within my probation period. I have given leave of absence and no availability for particular 3 dates as in time sheet to scheduler. But scheduler put in to shift for those 3 dates so i couldn't able to attend those 3 shift. And then Manager called me and i've informed manager that this scheduler fault which they scheduled me on no availability dates. Then next day , They terminated me with reason i am failed to show up on those dates and provide no availability for next month. They also put on letter that i have given them no notification in advance for availability which was totally wrong as I've provided availability time sheet in advance.

Employer also written on the letter that - They will report to CLPNA because of my unprofessional and disrespectful behavior . It can put residents at risk,create distrust with the foundation from residents and their families. And then all clause and standards of CLPNA code of practice.

I have never been to this situation and now in so much stress what would CLPNA do with me ? do they record on my license regarding this employer report and would that prevent me to get future job at other place ? Currently i got another job as LPN before they terminated me but i have no idea how do i address this issue as the reason for termination was totally wrong and unmeaningful.

Please help me what should i do to prevent my LPN license record on trouble.

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What is CLPNA? What country are you in?

Not every employer allows you to state that you cannot work certain days. You can give preferences, but the staffing of the floor is the primary consideration of the employer. If you were scheduled to work and weren't given those as paid days off, then you were expected to find a way to be there. You were what they consider a "no call, no show" which will often get you fired.

I don't see why this would impact your license.

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I Googled CLPNA and it came back as College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta so I'm going to assume you're Canadian.

I'm not familiar with Canada's labor laws but, in the US, a probationary period is just that. The employer (or the employee) can decide that it's not working out for whatever reason. Every employer I've worked for also had rules about how long you had to work before you had access to time off. Your schedule during orientation was whatever your preceptor's schedule was and they did not honor requests in any way to change it.