what term would be used for this pelvis injury?


i was in the ICU last night at work and prior to that we had 3 traumas come into the ER. the newer nurse that was following the actual RN asked what happend with the traumas and the nurse said "they had a ___ pelvis" and the newer nurse asked what that ment. i cant remember the word she used because i was busy paking up a patient to be transfered to a new floor but as soon as i heard it i knew it ment the pelvis was basically crushed and kind of caved in if that makes sense. she didnt say collapsed or crush pelvis either. do you guys know what this word could have been? if it helps i think the trauma was due to a tractor trailer hitting a car and there were 2 level II traumas and a level I. also the nurse said that patient was going to be life flighted out to our other bigger hospital because even though our hospital is huge we dont deal with cases like that

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Did she say girdlestone pelvis?

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Openbook? although I think of that as kind of the opposite of what you described.

Comminuted fracture?

Both are serious pelvic fractures. I'm curious what it was, let us know if you figure it out.

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i want to say it was comminuted. i am not 100% on that but it sounds right because i remember the word started with a C. i tried looking up pictures of this type of fracture but i couldnt find any because i was interested in what this type of fracture actually looked like.


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I've been a nurse for a while, seen a lot of things, but that just gives me the willies! :uhoh3: (and I'm a guy too)

A handful of years ago I was run over by a car from behind while I was riding my bike (hit and run) and had my pelvis busted in 3 places (among other injuries). I lost 3 days memory either from the concussion or drugs they gave me ... but ONE thing I do remember vividly was seeing the 6 people coming to the bedside to turn me :no:, and me SCREAMING from the pain. OH!

I was a pill poppin' junkie for the next three months I tell 'ya. I took 10mg extended release Oxycodone, + 10mg immediate release Oxycodone, + a Benadryl before I could go to sleep each night.

I'll never forget that.


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