What were your scores that got you into any Tn Tech program.

  1. I am trying to see how the system works, I am trying to get into the Covington Tn Tech LPN program. I have successfully passed both parts of the test 86 in reading and 70 in math. But I also know they except you by the highest in percentile. Just looking to know what you scored on the test since this is what they solely except you on. Thanks
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  3. by   hope1234
    I applied at TTElizabethton. I have been told that all TennTech's pretty well work the same but dont know that for sure. On the COMPASS,I scored 66 in Math & 99 in Reading. They told me that all passing scores are accepted. Then it goes by who gets their application papers turned in fastest. Plus of courses, the ones already on the waiting list. I applied approx. 2 months ago and was told I could start in May. But Elizabethton has lots of classes going on at the same time,so the waiting list was'nt to long. Hope this helps.
  4. by   CrazyGoonRN
    I got into the TTC-Dickson LPN program with a 98 in Reading and a 88 in Math. There were several others in my class who got in with scores simular to yours. So I think you definatly have a good change of getting in. Good Luck!