Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program - Winter 2013 - page 16

I just mailed off my packet to Vanderbilt today! I'm so nervous and really hoping to get an interview for this program. Adult Critical Care is my first choice. I graduated in May 2012 with my BSN... Read More

  1. by   lleatherbery
    @Saribeari- I graduated with a 4.0GPA from accelerated program and my previous degree is in Biology. My only experience prior to getting accepted was 2.5 years as lead GI technician in the local hospital here in Colorado Springs.

    @cstark- If your still looking for someone to share hotel room with, I might share one with you if it works out since I haven't decided exactly when I am going to go yet. So far I'm planning on flying out, renting a car and hunting for a place. My car and my two dogs will be brought out by the significant other once I find a place.

    When is everyone planning on moving? I'm torn between end of December and beginning of January. I plan on just bringing the bare basics and starting fresh out there to. My biggest stressor is trying to find a house to rent where I can keep my dogs since I have two very large dogs and one is stereotyped on most "breed aggressive" lists. I also am bringing my horse with me, but I already found a place to board her, if only houses were that easy to shop for :/
  2. by   mee9mee9
    Are asn still accepted for residency preceptorship?
  3. by   Nursey86
    Quote from mee9mee9
    Are asn still accepted for residency preceptorship?
    I'm pretty sure they are no longer accepted. Check the nurse residency page to be sure.
  4. by   rnjosie
    Has anyone heard back about the perioperative internship?
  5. by   Nursey86
    For those of you from Tennessee, what is your advice for areas to live? Which areas are nice? Which areas should I avoid? I don't mind a small commute to Vanderbilt (maybe 30 mins). I am just looking for a one bedroom apartment. Thank you!
  6. by   MsFNP1908
    Great question Nursey86, I am wondering the same thing! Also, can anyone give a estimation of what one bedroom apartments range from in Nashville?
  7. by   javelinj279
    I have family in the area and they suggest the Brentwood Area for apartments. Cost of living is not that bad and neither is the commute to the Vanderbilt main campus, about 15 minutes in good traffic.
    I am curious, those of you that got accepted to the various tracks, what are the contingencies regarding you all accepting the position.... deadlines etc? Do any of you know anything about the wait list or how many may be on it?
  8. by   GHSN
    wow this page is great!! too bad I found it late, would have used the support earlier on. Anyway I was accepted into adult medicine as well. dnt even know where to start with apartment search.
    congrats to all those who were accepted, and all those on the wait list and those who didnt get in. we are all winners cos we won the nursing school battle, a job offer will come eventually.
  9. by   LaurenJonesRN
    Quote from RNJoseph1908
    Great question Nursey86, I am wondering the same thing! Also, can anyone give a estimation of what one bedroom apartments range from in Nashville?
    I looked at apartments when I was down there in October. Private message me for more information and details
  10. by   hamlet
    Hey everyone,
    I was accepted to the pediatric track at Vanderbilt. I cannot wait to meet everyone in January. Time for me to start looking for a place to stay!
  11. by   javelinj279
    Well my friends, wait list no more... offer came in this A.M and I am stoked!!!!!!
  12. by   nxhowa004
    Congratulations everyone! It seems like there are a lot of new grads from Cali going to this program! I am graduating from San Diego State in two weeks and was accepted into the adult-medicine track!!! If anyone wants to room with a fun and outgoing male, let me know
  13. by   tmendels
    Congrats again everyone

    Has anyone found a place to live yet? I was thinking of getting a 2 bedroom place very close to Vandy, eventually my boyfriend would move up with me, but if anyone is interested in working out a deal for one of the bedrooms for a few months let me know-- moving is expensive!

    Also, has anyone out of state applied for a TN RN license yet?

    I feel like there is so much to do in such a short amount of time!