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I am new to Nashville (downtown area) and have met a few nurses in my building, mostly travel and long term contract, 1 who works for the State and they are telling me horror stories about the state... Read More

  1. by   cannoli
    Could it be because you only want days?
  2. by   Haunted
    Quote from cannoli
    Could it be because you only want days?
    I just know my limitations. I have awful insomnia and am asleep or getting there by 9 PM. I have worked enough 12's to know I am non functional after 10 hours on the job. Right now I have been awake for 3 hours and I am hoping to get a few hours of sack time , also trying to kick Ambien, that stuff has caused me short term memory loss! I would love to go back on Ativan.
  3. by   mtngrl
    Awn that's awful about your son. Hopefully there will come a day where he realizes he needs to change. Maybe it will take a few years but I do think he will mature and want to live better. Just hope he stays safe until that time.
  4. by   cannoli
    I wanted only days working agency, (not in Tennessee) and did not get even one shift. I ended up working evenings because that was what the need was, and the only way that I could get any hours.

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