Question: Loan Forgiveness Programs

  1. Do any of the local hospitals in the Memphis, TN area have loan forgiveness programs?

    If so, how much do they pay towards the student loan?

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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    St Francis pays $250 a month until the loan is paid off. Methodist does the same.
    Baptist pays up to 9,000. I know the MED pays too, just don't know the cap. The VA has something, but again, don't know the details.

    I will come back later and tell you what I find out. every hospital in Memphis comes to our class and talks to us. even the Mayo clinic came to our class!
  4. by   2bmalenurse007
    Thanks for the info. Please keep me updated.:spin:
  5. by   prinzessdy
    Yea the Med's cap is 9000 also
  6. by   Gauge
    I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, but I am curious about something. I am currently a Nursing student and with some benefits I got from the military I am fortunate enough to not take out any school loans to pay for college. I am married and 22 and both my wife and I work on campus part time while going to college. We try to save every bit we can to pay for our bills and try not to rack up too many loans.

    My question is this....if there is a loan forgiveness program is there really any incentive for me to continue to do with less if my loans could just be paid off by the place I go to work once I get out of school? Is there an extra program for those that don't have any school loans where they get paid more or am I just short-changing myself now for nothing.

    Like I said before, I don't want this to come off wrong, just posing a question to see if we could move up from below the poverty level line by me taking out a student loan or two to help around with things. Thanks for your input!
  7. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I'd take out a loan, just make sure the payment isn't over $250.00.

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