new grad RN, help finding a job


    I live in Nashville but I am willing to drive a hour if I have to. Any suggestions?

    I have applied for over 500 jobs: gov jobs, Va jobs, dialysis clinics, rehab centers, medical offices, Vandy, saint Thomas, MTMC, UMC, Stone Crest, Skyline, nursing homes

    NO interviews or calls back, I have emailed, called and showed up in person. All of the places are telling me they need at least 6 months experience.

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  3. by   amy9999
    any suggestions?
  4. by   mee9mee9
    Try Assisted living
  5. by   mom_baby_RN
    you need to apply to the graduate nurse programs, residency programs at vandy, it's only specific times of the year, they have a 6 month training for new grads i believe in all areas, then you apply to which job you prefer after that. it's a good program
  6. by   amy9999
    Thank you for your suggestions! I have been researching both of those.
  7. by   amy9999
    do you have any suggestions where I could volunteer or intern to keep brushing up on my skills such as IVS and assessments. The hospitals I contacted said that they couldn't let me do anything hands on if I volunteered, that for clinical experience and skill schools have to have contracts with hospitals.
  8. by   readyforachangenow
    Maybe a blood drive?
  9. by   Margotrita
    I know that several hospitals offer new grad residency programs. Vandy has a 12 month program, St Thomas is 3 months (?) and Maury Regional has one as well.

    What school, degree and when did you graduate? I would think your school should offer assistance with leads. Did you make any connections during your clinicals? There might be leads to openings or jobs that will be open soon with your hospital contacts.

    Good luck and wishing you a job ASAP!
  10. by   amy9999
    good ideas, thank you!!
  11. by   rnm10
    Hi amy.. me too, I'm currently looking for my first job as an RN. Good luck to the both of us! What is your plan now?
  12. by   GoVolsRN
    It is tough for New Grads right now. I applied for about 35 positions in the Middle TN area and got a call back about a month or two later. The residency programs will start picking again around October or so. If you're desperate enough, you could just walk into the hospital's HR offices and tell them you are looking for a job. That's almost what I did.

    Good luck!
  13. by   Nurse.Gina
    Have you tried Med Surg floors at Centennial? 3N, 4N, 4T, 6T, 7T? I've been at Centennial 4 years and started as a new grad in the ER. Was the only spot I applied. HR tried to steer me toward Med Surg but I politely declined and the ER director called me back.
  14. by   haleyRN0726
    Gina 0087, I see that you have worked at Centennial for 4 years. I am having some communication with HR for a job there when I move to TN. Would you mind clueing me in to how much they pay RNs? It's okay if you don't want to disclose that, but I would appreciate any info you have. I have been an RN for 1.5 yrs and am looking for a job in L&D. Thanks!