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  1. Hi all, I will be graduating in the fall of 07 and my wife and I are looking at moving from Charleston SC to somewhere in the east of TN, Ive looked at UT in Knoxville, a level 1, in ER or ICU and currently Johnson City Medical Center again a level 1, in ER or ICU. I have an EMS/Fire Hx and hope to be a Flight nurse in 3-5 yrs? I know little of either place apart from the new grad pay is poor at $17/phr. any helpfull info would be great
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  3. by   navynurse06
    Johnson City Medical Center is a magent hospital, as well. Furthermore, they get a lot of trauma from all over Northeast TN, Southwest VA, and some places in western NC. If you are interested in flight nursing than that might be a good place to work;wings is they flight system that is attached to JCMC. And many nurses that have worked in the ER and that are interested in flight nursing end up on Wings.
    Also, in the Johnson City area the cost of living is much lower than in Knoxville. Plus, its a really beautiful area with the moutains, lakes, etc.
    I grew up in that area. Its also a really safe place to raise kids. IMO its safer in Johnson City than in Knoxville. Also, ETSU is in JC so if you or your wife want to go back to school, its right there. Great college if I must say so myself...and the tuition is cheaper than UT.

    Starting to miss home just typing about it!!!

    Good Luck with your move. Keep me update. And let me know if you have more questions.
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Hi dougledavies and welcome to the TN thread. Glad to hear you may be relocating to TN. You might want to check into the Welmont Health System with 2 of its larger hospitals located in Kingsport and Bristol. Both have excellent ER's and ICU's. Good luck in your job search and your move. I think you will like northeast Tennessee.
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    my nephew and his family moved to nashville last year and they say that is has been a wonderful move
    tkhey just love the people and the weather is a change from what they were use to kids got snow last winter
  6. by   goodnightnurse
    I raised my kids in East Tennessee and Kingsport is a fabulous place. Sullivan County (Kingsport) Schools are much better than Washington County Schools (Johnson City). The Tri-Cities in general is a comfortable place with a bigger town feel as each of the three cities (including Bristol) are only about 20 miles apart. Knoxville is a nice city but is very much a college town without the personal feel of a 'home'...............I speak from nearly 30 years experience in East TN.
  7. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I agree goodnightnurse... I grew up in NE Tennessee and though I always wanted to get away, now I'm living in Knoxville I realize how much I do miss it. Very different. Too bad I like my job (most days haha)...
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  8. by   servant2
    We are new to TN since last Oct. We live in the county where there is lots of space amid the natural elements, less people, and it's quiet most of the time. Tennessee is beautiful, one gets called "honey" a lot. Stay out of the valleys; the plateau is cooler in the summer. Everything seems farther away. The roads, which are often narrow, twisting and steep, can be slick quick if it freezes. Few mosquitos; no fire ants. People seem mostly hospitable. It took a while to get used to the elevation - 1800 ft above sea level. There are 23 hiking falls within 50 miles, one the highest in the Eastern U.S. Many people vacation in TN because of it's beauty and now many people are retiring/moving here because the cost of living is generally less than elswhere, places like Nashville excluded.

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