Lowenberg School of Nursing - University of Memphis - Spring 2013

  1. Hey! I'm Johnna! I will be applying to the LSON for Spring 2013! I have been attending DSCC for the past 2 years. They have not been the best to work with and that is the reason I am having to wait until Spring 2013 to apply. (you can read that story in this post if you would like!>>> RIDICULOUS RULES! ) I have completed all of my pre-req's and have a 3.56 GPA as of right now. I have not taken the TEAS yet, but I have taken the HESI A2. A friend of mine that just graduated from LSON said the TEAS was easier than the HESI A2, but I'm not sure. I am a little nervous because I heard that most of the nursing students at LSON are fairly young. I will be 30 when I apply! I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it does make me a little nervous though! Would love to hear any feedback or get any advice from current or previous LSON students!!! TIGER PROUD!
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  3. by   AmandaMackling
    Johnna! I also plan to apply this Fall for the Spring semester at Memphis! I am currently enrolled at Dyersburg State in Covington obtaining my pre-reqs and hope to have them finished up by this Fall. I am 28 and will be 29 when I apply so we are truly in the SAME boat! Are you completely finished with your pre-reqs? It is so comforting to hear from someone who is in the same situation as myself. I will admit, I am terrified!
  4. by   ShannonBerry11
    I'm applying for the spring as well! I've been going to Memphis for 4 years now (I changed majors just before I graduated with an Art History degree, go figure). Memphis has a great nursing program! About the TEAS, I'd suggest taking it at the U of M - there are several different locations, but there, it's all online - no bubbling in answers! - and things run a lot more smoothly. I'm still young (22), but I've seen many people older than I am in the program.
    Good luck!
  5. by   kjh1228
    I will be applying for the spring 2013 semester (Memphis campus) as well. I was in the program for a short time before I had to withdraw (Less than a few weeks). I had a family member become very ill and could not tend to them and take on the course load. I am finally going back though!

    Oh and don't worry about age. When I was going to school there I saw lots of people in their 30s, 40s and some older.
  6. by   Shannaikook
    Hello to all. I was reading the posts and just wanted to say that the U of M is a good school to obtain your BSN. I also went to DSCC Covington and graduated their LPN-RN program before transferring to Memphis, so I know how it is there. I graduated this May, at 31 years of age and it was tough but doable. Just keep those goals in the front of your mind and you WILL make it!!! Good luck to all of you!!!!
  7. by   sdlane
    Hi all ! I am moving to Millington, is this school close to that area ?
  8. by   Saranne87
    Hey!! I can definitely relate to your frustrations. It's very disheartening when you are punished for mistakes you made when you were young. I am also applying for the Spring 2013 semester at LSON. I am nervous because from what I have heard it is based almost purely on GPA which seems a little unfair considering I will be compared to students that have only completed a few semesters of college... I am sitting right around a 3.0 but the fact that I stuck college out and finished my degree doesn't seem to mean anything in the Nursing School world Hopefully it will all work out. Keep your head up and maybe we will All be in School together in the Spring
  9. by   kjh1228
    Thanks Shanna, and Congrats to You!

    Sdlane, Millington is about 20 miles north of the Campus. I guess it's about a 35-45 minute drive depending on traffic and where you live in Millington.
  10. by   sdlane
    I have not moved there yet but, I will be at the end of the year. Not sure if I should live there or downtown Memphis. I am still trying to figure it all out. I need to move to a safe area. Any suggestions ?
  11. by   kjh1228

    I live in Olive Branch, Ms which is about a 5 minute drive to the Memphis, TN city limits. It's a good area and you never worry about safety here.The University of Memphis has a border county tuition waiver which means if you live in my county you get in state rates versus playing those high out of state ones. Southaven, MS which is down the road from me is nice too. A lot of nice quiet newer style homes and apartments. Lots of newer stores/outdoor malls/ restaurants down here.

    If you must stay on the Tennessee side look at Bartlett, Colliverille and Cordova. Not as close to the campus as being on the MS side but it is also an option.

    I wouldn't stay downtown but that is just me. Also, there are some beautiful areas in Memphis near the campus but I can't afford them and the ones that I could afford are all in shady areas, lol.
  12. by   Jakkison
    Hey there everybody!! I'm also applying for the Spring 2013 semester @LSON. I'm a single mom, over 30 & happen to live in Millington!!! I hear older students tend to excel in this program, and hope that's true!!! I've taken the TEAS, but really need to take it again! I did so-so, and I want a better/stronger score. Of course July has already filled @UofM. :0/ Any recommendations for other local test sites?
  13. by   MomInSchool
    Hi! I am also applying to LSON for Spring 2013. I am a Mom of three and will be 31 next month. Yikes! Good luck to everyone! Anybody nervous? I am. I've already finished all my prereqs and am set to take the teas in august (hopefully). I missed all the times for July already because I was taking classes and though I would have time. So, when it opens back up - I will get a date. I took the teas last year before I was really ready and missed my science grade by like 2 points. :/ everything else was fine. I would say that you should study math though. Anyway, good luck!
  14. by   kjh1228

    I believe once you have passed your Teas you are good to go. I was told Lowenberg goes strickly off Cumulative GPA. I remember because I emailed them about it early last year. I will double check again but I am pretty sure that is the case. It doesn't matter if you score a 62.5 or a 100, it goes by your GPA.