Living in TN and working in NC

  1. So I am getting ready to move to TN in the spring. I am researching the area hospitals and nursing homes to see what I can expect. I was hearing that NC is a great state to work as a nurse, but not so good on taxes...
    I am going to be right on the state line and was thinking about crossing the line to work. Does anyone know how that works and if it is even true that NC has better pay and ratios? Also, do you pay the state taxes that you live in or work in?
    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   mtngrl
    I really doubt there are better ratios. That pretty much just sucks everywhere. What city in TN are you moving to? Don't know if the pay if much different, I doubt that too.
    What do you mean about taxes? I know there is no state income tax in TN. I don't know about which taxes you pay if you work in NC..good question!
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    I live near the MS-TN border and it's my understanding if I work in MS I will still have to pay MS state taxes. They have standard deductions and you prorate the deduction based on the percentage of income from MS. For instance if I made 60K and my husband works in TN and makes 40k, I have to pay taxes on the 60k minus deductions (I would get to deduct 60% of whatever the deduction amount is)

    They get ya coming and going! lol
  5. by   Danish
    Thanks...anything I can do to make an extra buck

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