Calling ALL Southwest Tennessee Community College Spring 2011 Hopefuls!!! - page 12

Hi everyone. Now that the official October 15th deadline for submitting the application packet has passed, is anyone sitting on pins and needles like me?? I just learned that they would contact us... Read More

  1. by   nikkih901
    Quote from dbowen
    Anyone of you experienced students have any advice for us newbies?
    Are you in Foundations now? What type of advice are you looking for??
  2. by   sbrbh10
    It's very hard. Study like crazy.
  3. by   nikkih901
    Quote from sbrbh10
    It's very hard. Study like crazy.
    Totally agreed!! And studying like crazy may not even do the trick sometimes. But always keep the "I can do this" attitude can!
  4. by   Shannynriley
    I just found this post! Congrats to all of us grads that made it through. It was a rough 2 years
  5. by   Southwest_nursing
    Quote from SheriWood
    Congrats to all of you who made it in the 2011 Spring semester and are headed to the fall!! I have already turned in my app and essay for the 2012 spring semester (early i know) and would like to ask you all a few questions.. My current gpa is only a 2.75 and my ap1 grade was a B, ap2 grade an A, and micro B. NLN 143. Were there any of u who were accepted with an index around a 57 or grades similar to mine??? I am just so worried because it is rumored that the spring sem is much more competitive than the fall....
    hey just wanted to know did you get in?