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Hello! I'm starting my nursing classes in Spring 2013! I'm looking for any students that are starting so we can talk about classes, professors and study groups and study tips!... Read More

  1. by   Ms_barnesRN
    Quote from cb2004
    I was waitlisted for fall of 2013. I am thinking my chances are not great because of my GPA. Once you get an associates is it easier to transfer to the program?
    It mostly depends on what classes you have taken and the gpa not so much already having a degree since they accept seniors from high school also. It used to be an exam the HOBET that would help your chances but they stop giving it for some reason. Keep me posted about your acceptance!
  2. by   pcarter2324
    If you dont mind me asking how long did the process of acceptance take. Like when did you apply and how long before you knew you were in. Also, how many prerequisites had you finished before applying
  3. by   pcarter2324
    Hey Jessie,

    I know this is totally off subject but I am interested in this school as well. Can you tell me if you are able to work during the day time program. I was told that they no longer had a nights and wkend program that would allow people to still hold down a job while attending classes at night. I just dont want to apply and then get myself into a bind where I cant work and help support my family at the same time
  4. by   pcarter2324
    what was you gpa
  5. by   pcarter2324
    What was your gpa
    Quote from cb2004
    I was waitlisted for fall of 2013. I am thinking my chances are not great because of my GPA. Once you get an associates is it easier to transfer to the program?
  6. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    Hi, been a little while since I posted. It has been a rough year so far. I decided to go ahead and enroll in A&P I on-line at Northwest this past semester. (I will never take A&P on-line again, but I did pass). My mom went into the hospital on 1/14 & passed away on 1/16, so I was dealing with that as soon as the Semester began. This put me about a week or so behind right out of the gate. Then when the 2nd half of the semester started, there was a computer gliche on the schools end that occured at the start of Spring Break and that caused me to get behind another week......The Instructor was understanding and did allow me extra time to submit my assignments and get caught up. Needless to say, A&P I was a grind from start to finish... the final grade has not been posted yet, but if my calculations are correct, I missed getting a "B" by 2.6 points. (bummer) However, I did get an "A" in lab. Not sure how the "C" in A&P will effect my GPA or chances of enrolling in Baptist, hopefully they will be understanding. I'm sure my GPA will remain a little over 3.0. I was expecting some info from Baptist in the mail but never received anything. I am going to send off for it again. Thanks for all of your information. It is very helpful.
  7. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    Well.... scratch my last post, my calculations were wrong.....(thank goodness).... I got an "A"
  8. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    Hi, I was visiting the Baptist Website today and noticed it requires transfer students from other colleges to have a cumulative 3.2 GPA. Am I reading that correctly? If so, is that new? I have a 3.1 (and some change) with 103 semester hours taken. If I understood the admission requirements, it is easier to get into the program if you are coming out of High School verses Transfering from another college. If you enter from High School, you are guaranteed a spot in the advanced Nursing classes (if you maintain a certain gpa), if you transfer in, it is dependent on slot availability.
  9. by   unionnurse12
    That is a very misleading post on their website! The 3.2 GPA is for transfer students trying to go straight into clinicals! As of right now I have a 3.1 cumm with 147hrs........I've been checking EVERYTHING to see if I have been accepted! I've had 2 rejections from Union University in Jackson (long story) My science/math GPA is 3.8 stupid 89.4 in A&P1 its my only B in those nerves are making me crazy!!!!! How long after the final deadlines does it take to hear something?
  10. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    Hi, I have not applied myself (yet) because I want to complete my A&P classes locally where the tuition is more favorable. I work with a lady that applied, has gone through the interview process, taken an entrance test, ect, about two or three months ago. She is still waiting to hear back. It seems like most schools drag their feet about notifying people that they have been accepted. Thanks for the information about the GPA requirements. I though that seemed pretty rigid. I would think with your cumulative GPA and course history/hours, you should be able to get into a program without any trouble. I know its a bummer to miss an "A" by 0.6 points. Keep the faith By the way, there is a lady named Jesse who posts in this thread, she is already at Baptist. She is a great source of information.
  11. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    Hey, did you take A&P online or in the classroom? I took A&P I online and made an "A"..... but it was sure a grind. I'm wondering if it would be easier to take A&P II in the classroom ?
  12. by   unionnurse12
    I took A&PII in the classroom....I don't think you can truly learn/understand the material like it needs to be in order to excel in the later classes. Where are you from?
  13. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    I was thinking the same thing. I took A&P Lab at the DeSoto campus and with the instructor holding up models, showing us how bones connect and articulate together, how to use the micro-scopes, how to view tissue samples, ect.... It all made a lot more sense. I'm in North Mississippi...

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