Any information on Aquinas?

  1. Has anyone ever attended or applied for Aquinas College in their ASN nursing program? Please give me any information or knowlege you have about this college or program. Good or bad??
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  3. by   PICUFL
    Hello! I am a Senior nursing student at Aquinas College. I absolutely LOVE Aquinas. The nursing instructors TRULY care about you and your well-being as a future nurse. I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone utter one bad thing about Aquinas. From what I have heard, Aquinas has a good reputation with the Nashville area hospitals. A 78 and above is passing... and 2 religion classes are required in addition to your other classes. I personally learned a lot from them so I didn't mind taking the classes. 60 students are admitted each spring and fall. If you would like any more information please let me know! My e-mail is

  4. by   HandsOnHealth
    Can anyone share how difficalt the process is to get into the nursing program? I know everwhere is competitive, but am contemplating a move from Michigan to finnish up my pre-req and then apply to the nursing program. But before making that kind of a move I was hopeing for some information.

  5. by   PICUFL
    I think anywhere you go these days you need to have a pretty good GPA and NET score. Aquinas is just as competitive to get into as the rest - but many may choose not to go there due to the price (although Belmont is much higher). As far as your pre-reqs, I would take them at a community college before you go to Aquinas. Once you are at Aquinas you cannot go to another college to take a class...your stuck! But, I love Aquinas. Go for it!
  6. by   Mommyto3NursetoBe
    Hi! I am also a student at Aquinas! I was just admitted to the nursing program so will actually begin my nursing classes in August, but I have been a student there for the past year. I absolutely love it! The sisters and the teachers are wonderful, it is obvious how much they care about your success!! If you have any questions feel free to email me! Good luck to you!!
  7. by   mcweads
    Does anybody know what the tutiton is per year at aquinas. On the website it says the tuition for 12-18 credit hours is around $10, is the tuition for the year $20,000?? and how many credit hours do you take each semester for the nursing program....because if its under 12 credit hours per semester does that mean that the tuition is less for the nursing program?? If anyone can help me out with this that would be great!
  8. by   acarn
    Here is the link for the core nursing classes. There are 8 classes, and you take 2 per semester. They charge by the unit hour so if you take less than 12 units a semester, then I think the total cost would be less.
    Hopefully some current students will be able to answer your questions better.
  9. by   mcweads
    Yeah thats what I thought...It looks like its around 11 credits per semester making it only around 6,000 a semester! If any current or former student knows for sure if this is how it works feel free to let me know! I will be calling the school to get more details but I thought I would ask on here first!