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Telling employers rx's and health conditions


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I was just offered my first nursing job in the ICU. I have been filling out all of the required paperwork to get started and then i came across the health history. I am supposed to write down all health conditions and meds. Why is our own health info not protected and we HAVE to disclose it. I realize they have to keep it confidential, but it is frustrating that we don't get a right to keep that to ourselves. I do understand liability issues and the company wanting to make sure you are safe, but have a doctor clear you not give a fully history of your past.

I have a history of epilepsy and had brain surgery for it. I then developed bacterial meningitis and a bone infection. I had to get a plate put in my head and had severe memory deficits and a personality change [id say for the better though]. The point is, I went to therapy to regain my memory and don't have seizures anymore. I still take quite a bit of medication. Why should i have to disclose any of that if it isn't an active problem? thoughts, things i am maybe not seeing?


Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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When applying for a job, you are applying to be an employee, not a patient. Therefore, HIPAA does not apply as you are providing the information instead of the employer viewing your medical record without your permission. Employers make the rules; it's either follow the rules or take a job elsewhere where your preferences can be met. Employers need to know that you are not a risk either to yourself or to patients- they need to ensure patient safety. Is being cleared by a physician or other provider an alternative? Sure, but it's not an alternative that was chosen by this particular employer.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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Hmm - very sensitive area. I will share my own personal philosophy. I DO NOT provide my employer with any personal health information. I do not participate in any employer sponsored "wellness" activities or events. When I take sick time, I provide the least amount of info possible. If pressed, I just label the information as "personal".

When I experienced progression of a chronic health issue that pretty much eliminated my ability to wear respirators/masks for any extended length of time, I did inform my boss & HR. Because I was already employed in an educator position at the time, it did not have a major effect on my job. I only informed them because my health issue became a limiting factor in my job duties. If it did not, I would not have divulged anything.