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I just accepted a position at Allegheny General and am so anxious to start. It is my first position in healthcare and I am so excited.:yeah: Can anyone give me any info on AGH. I am curious about policies on footwear, scrubs, etc. My orientation is in January. I would love to tell my family I would like shoes and scrubs for Christmas, but won't be told what I need to buy until after the holidays. Thanks for anything you can let me know.

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As far as I know, you can wear whatever your want for scrubs and shoes. I saw a family member there and one of his nurses was dressed as if she was on her way to the golf course (white denim capris, polo shirt and cardigan. Another one was looking quite "goth." (Skull do-rag and black lipstick) I don't know that I would go that far with either one of those looks or you will be contributing to the mandatory, "color-cooridinated" uniform rumblings. One nurse said they were talking of starting that in January, but it never panned out.

As for shoes, make sure they are comfortable. They have loooong, two-sided halls for each unit. You may want to consider "heelys." :clown: Only kidding, of course, but seriously, take care of your feet from the beginning and your whole body will thank you later.

Good-luck with your new job!


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Pretty much anything goes as far as scrubs/uniforms at AGH. We were supposed to go to a housewide "uniform", but that is on the back burner (WAY back burner) for now. You will see all sorts of footwear, athletic shoes, crocs, danskos, etc. A lot of the staff wear Steeler/Penguin jerseys on game days.

Welcome aboard, good luck in your new position :D.

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