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Tell me about your housing!


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Hello! I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of months now - thank you all for your advice and stories! :) It has helped me so much to get ready for my first travel assignment! I'm traveling with my boyfriend and our cat and our biggest source of anxiety is wondering what housing will be like. My boyfriend seems to think this is all too good to be true and wondering if the travel agency saves money by skimping on the housing. I'd like to think no one would want to work for a travel agency who set up nurses in bad housing so its got to be at least pretty decent! So we are wondering, what kind of housing have you been set up in during your travels?

If it seems pertinent to your answer, we are planning on traveling to northern California.

Thanks in advance! :)


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Housing will be sufficient, not necessarily extravagant. Also depends on what is available. Agencys typically use the same housing complex/ hotels for the travelers they send to repeat areas. If it was insufficient, many travelers would tell them and request different accommodations (and the agency WILL comply to keep the traveler happy). I'm currently in an extended stay type hotel because the area has limited options. It's nice. Nothing too big or too small. Certain things come standard in "corporate housing" such as a couch, bed, linen, dishes, etc. but the couch isn't what I would have picked out at home. Stiff and uncomfortable. But it is what it is.

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Housing can vary a lot depending on the agency as well as the area of the country and size of the town/city. I've been in everything from a 1970's double wide out in the country (actually good housing for the area!) to the whole upstairs of a Victorian house a mile from the beach to a 100+ yr old adobe house in a small town (all restored and wonderful). Most of the time my housing is an apartment, usually with nice amenities (pool, clubhouse, etc.). One of the best was when I checked into a small house in FL to discover it came with it's own inground pool in the back yard - complete with pool service weekly!.

word of advice, don't move in to a facility that is dirty or you are not comfortable. tell the agency to find you something suitable or you are not working. this is also why some travelers prefer to get their own.

I'm in a regular hotel room. It's not bad. It has a microwave and a fridge. The hotel itself doesn't have many amenities. The pool is outdoor so it's closed already. It's just weird because I've never really stayed in a hotel on vacation for more than 10 days but I'll be here 2 more months. I'm just getting used to the cleaning lady coming in daily to make the beds. I would rather have had apartment style housing but I can't complain.