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  1. I too have been presented with teletriage nursing (from home) I have been bedside nursing in ER, ICU and Palliatve care for 9 years. I am burnt out from bedside nursing. Currently in a surgical icu at present and am not genuinely happy there
    Any comments from teletriage nurses from home please!
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  3. by   MA Nurse
    Hi ERRN88. This board has been way too inactive. Glad to see you here. I have been a telephone triage nurse for almost 2 years. I worked in NICU for the previous 25 years. I think you have a great background working in ER to do triage. This job is similar to being an ER nurse, but over the phone. I don't work at home, but thought I would reply. i don't think the home telephone triage positions pay as well as a bigger corporation however. you can PM me with any questions.
  4. by   E-commerce
    I"m a newbie in the nursing field and love direct patient care and do volunteer work. My mother is a case manager and works at home. I have shadowed my mom and do like what she does but the job has no direct patient care, but will give working from home a chance and still volunteer in the community. I truly value family time and self care as well.
  5. by   Danni10
    I have done telephone triage for about 7 months and I really like it. It's the best nursing job I have ever had! I've been a nurse for 15yrs and have worked in the ER, Med/Surg and Hospice, honestly I hated all those jobs and realized that bedside nursing is just not for me, I think hospice was the worse, I really hated feeling responsible for other people's emotional needs, with telephone triage I dont't have to see any needy patients, no demanding family members thinking they are at the holiday inn, no rude doctors, no call lights and best of all no nights, no weekends, no holidays. If I get a rude caller, in 4-5 min the call is over and I'm done with them vs working a 12 hr shift and dealing with them and there entitled family members the entire day! I work 8-5, walk out the door everyday at 5! I don't have to hope and pray I get Xmas or thanksgiving off because we are closed and everyone is off! I wished it was a work from Home job but I work in a call center. My only regret is that I didn't leave bedside nursing sooner!
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