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  1. Hi Everybody. I am new to this board. I have been a telephone triage nurse for a little over two years. It was fun reading the board and empathizing.

    Where I work we have a dress code. It's a Catholic Healthcare West Hospital. We cannot wear jeans and have to wear nylons or socks with our shoes. The thing is, we are tucked away in a back room where no one sees us. We rarely venture out. When we do, it's to get something to eat from the cafeteria and bring it back to the lunchroom in our office.

    I know that Kaiser has Pajama Day once a month in our area! They can pretty much wear what they want the rest of the time. We only want to be able to wear sandals without nylons or neat, clean jeans and a nice top. Some want to wear sweat suits in the winter, including my supervisor.

    Working at home sounds good but not possible here.

    I have a meeting with HR tomorrow about this. Don't know how far I will get as the original dress code was made by the nuns a long time ago!!! I've noticed the dress code for nurses in our facility, in general, has let up some. When I talked to HR on the phone, they said, "what about when you go into the hallway and people see you." My only answer was to say I can take off my name tag. That didn't sit well. Any suggestions?

    Thanks. Nice to be here!!


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  3. by   eltrip
    Our call center is a part of another department. Our dress code is business casual. We aren't usually permitted to wear jeans, except, perhaps on Fridays & on the rare Saturday that we work. Some of our crew wear scrubs. I've been avoiding them for several months as it tends to have an affect on the attitude of the non-nursing staff around here (decreases professional behavior toward our group). We'd all love to work from home, too! We don't expect it in the foreseeable future. A CD-ROM drive would be a miracle at this point!
  4. by   Shamrock
    Welcome aboard. Good luck with the dress code thing.
  5. by   passing thru
    Do you have aspirations to do anything in the future besides triage?

    How you dress NOW will affect managements' perception of you.

    We are expected to present a professional appearance.

    You're representing the company, not the triage closet.
  6. by   plantsower
    Dear Passing Thru:

    I have no particular aspirations other than triage right now. I especially don't want to be in management. The supervisors in our department agree with me about the dress code. They would only like to dress up for meetings. Otherwise, what's the point? No one sees them, either. I realize the "professional look" is a hot button for many. I am obviously on the side for comfort. No one treats us any differently because of the way we dress. We wear anything from scrubs, to casual, to very dressy - depending on the nurse. Well, enough said. If I make any headway in the dress code, I will let everyone know. Think I will hear by Friday. Cheers. Rita
  7. by   Audreyfay
    It would be nice if the dress code were eased up. I work in a triage center in a clinic. We have to wear shoes with socks or hose. No sandals. Jeans can be worn on Fridays. We have to wear our name tags, even though we go nowhere. We are in a room tucked in the basement. Nobody sees us. I can understand the sandals. "You might stub your toe." But gosh! It's a pain. I empathize. I quit fighting for things they won't change. Good luck with your meeting!
  8. by   plantsower
    Hi Audreyfay:

    By the way, love your name!! HR told me that they have had meetings for months over the dress code with management and staff. Funny, our department was never informed of the meetings!! They main reason they decided not to let people go without socks or nylons was because someone complained that certain people don't take care of their feet.

    Sheesh! So punish everyone else!! Anyway, our department manager is supposed to meet with HR again next week about this to see if she can convince them to ease up on the invisible employees - namely, us. I'll let you know how it goes.

    For a long time we couldn't wear jeans of any color. Now we can wear them as long as they aren't blue and don't have 5 pockets or rivets!! We CAN wear pants with 5 pockets and rivets as long as they are not denim and they are only white, tan or black. Show me a pair of pants with 5 pockets and rivets that are not jeans!!

    Hoping common sense will prevail - Rita
  9. by   Going80INA55
    We have a very strict dress code. No jeans EVER. Dress pants with a nice shirt is considered dressed down for this office, where most of the nurses where suits.

    No, this won't get them into management. There is very little room for advancement here. The nurses who do end up in charge, have extra responsibilities but NO extra pay or perks. The managers do come from the rank and file nurses, however everyone of the managers is at least 20 years younger than the average triage nurse's age.

    But we like our jobs, so we do it.
  10. by   eltrip
    Originally posted by plantsower
    Hoping common sense will prevail - Rita
    Now, Rita, darling, you know how common sense is VERY uncommon!

    Keep up the good fight, girlfriend! We've recently gained the ability to wear denim on Fridays...blue at that! It helps that the VP over our dept. has been at work wearing a very stylish outfit!
  11. by   plantsower
    Thanks, Eltrip! Congratulations on your victory. Since I've been talking to HR, my boss has picked up the ball and has been bugging them. She invited them to our staff meeting. Hoping they will come. Yeah, right!! Rita
  12. by   kids
    Our dress code is supposed to be business casual but we are allowed to be pretty casual except no sleeveless tops and no blue jeans-EVER, not even theme days, 5 pocket twill pants of any color (except denim) are OK as long as the rivits don't show. No open toes and have to wear sock/stockings.

    I don't have a problem with the dress code, we are in our own room and generally not visable to the public. We are called on occasionally to back up on the floor so we have to keep a lab or scrub jacket handy.

    I don't have a problem with our dress code, we are able to dress comfortably. Even if no one sees me I am still a professional, if I expect to be treated as one I shouldn't dress unprofessionally, if I want a job where I can wear jeans, tank tops & sandals I'll go back to tending bar.

    BTW, I wear scrubs 70% of the time...I like being pulled to the floor.
  13. by   Audreyfay
    Plantsower. Thanks for the compliment. Have to give the credit to my parents. My name was unique when I was a kid. Why couldn't I be a Mary or a Susan. Didn't meet any Audreys until I was almost an adult.
    Thought you would enjoy this little bit of info. My teenage nieces recently freaked out when their dad was going to make them buy some black jeans. They say that only gay people wear black jeans! Hmmm? I wonder if some places want to re-think their strategy?
  14. by   eltrip
    Originally posted by Audreyfay
    Thought you would enjoy this little bit of info. My teenage nieces recently freaked out when their dad was going to make them buy some black jeans. They say that only gay people wear black jeans!
    Well that's certainly a new one on me! I'll ask my niece & nephew to determine whether it's a generational or regional "thing."