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Telemetry RN interview! need some tips!

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by choksantos choksantos (New Member) New Member

choksantos has 11 years experience and works as a RN.

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Hi I have a job interview this week for a RN Telemetry Cardiac position, Im nervous and scared, this will make or break my nursing career! can you give me some tips regarding the interview specific to cardiac telemetry? like what might she ask me? what type of telemetry situation might she ask me? what should I know before hand? what are the usual cases in telemetry (pt DX)? pplllllllleaaaaseeeeee heeelp!!

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choksantos has 11 years experience and works as a RN.

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guys i need help! im desperate to nail the interview.. i need to get this job, I need to support myself, parents and brothers! please answer!

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I think you're probably looking at standard interview questions:

o Tell me about yourself.

o Why did you select a nursing career?

o Why are you interested in our organization?

o What contribution will you make in our organization?

o Why do you want this job?

o What are your strengths? Weaknesses?

o Why should I hire you?

o Why do you want to leave your present job?

o What are your most significant accomplishments?

o What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

o How does this position meet those goals?

o What kind of compensation are you looking for?

o How have your educational and work experience prepared you for this position?

o What challenges are you looking for in a position?

o How would you describe yourself?

o How would a supervisor describe you?

o Describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment.

o In your current or last position, what features did you like most? Least?

o What is the most important thing you're looking for in an employer?

o Describe what you believe to be an ideal supervisor.

o What work experience has been the most valuable to you and why?

o What has been your greatest challenge?

o What frustrates you the most?

o What else should I know about you?

They're not expecting you to have five rhythm strips slapped down in front of you and be able to identify a first degree block. They want to know that you're a good nurse who will work well in a team setting, who is committed to their organization. To that end, research their facility. Go to the website and start at the About Us section, read the mission, and go from there. See if you can learn anything about research initiatives, honors, awards, etc. Find SOMETHING that you can identify tomorrow in the interview that will show that you did some homework about the facility. (Are they Magnet? Tell them that you're particularly interested in working for a facility that's achieved Magnet status. You get the point.)

Have questions prepared for the interviewer.

o Describe a typical day on the job.

o Is there room for advancement?--be careful here. You don't want to sound like you see this position only as a stepping stone.

o Describe the ideal candidate for this job.

o To whom would I report, and what is his/her supervisory style?

o What are the training opportunities?

o How is performance evaluated and how often?

o How does this position fit into the organizational structure?

o What are the primary tasks of this position?

Understand the orientation and continuing education process offered.

 How long will my orientation last?

 Will I be offered additional time if I feel I need it?

 Will my orientation be provided on the shift I will be working?

 Will I have a preceptor or mentor?

 Is there an internship program for new grads?

 How often do you offer in-services and other education opportunities?

 What are your expectations for new hires during the first six months?

 Are nurse educators available on all shifts?

Ask about the working conditions.

 What is the typical nurse-to-patient ratio on this unit? Is there a maximum?

 What are the days/hours available? How long are the shifts?

 What is the policy for weekend and holiday rotation?

 Is there flexibility to the schedule? Can nurses trade days off with each other?

 Who does the scheduling?

 Is there mandatory overtime? How often?

 Is there an on-call responsibility? If so, explain the requirements and conditions.

 How many nurses work on this unit? On each shift?

 How long have most of the nurses worked on this unit? (Turn over rate?)

 How long has this position been vacant? Why did the previous person leave?

Then ask about the management and administration.

 How do you motivate your employees?

 What do you do to boost morale?

 What is your management style?

 How much autonomy do your nurses feel they have?

 How do you demonstrate that you value your nursing staff?

 How often are performance evaluations done and what is the process?

 How much input does the staff have about patient care and other issues on the unit?

 How do you handle conflict between staff members?

 Are there any challenges that this unit or facility is facing or anticipates in the next year?

 Would you support a nurse looking to transfer for career growth or hold him/her back due to your own staffing issues?

 How do you ensure safe working conditions for your staff?

 What are the career growth opportunities?

 Why would I want to work here?

Salary and Benefits

Typically the interviewer will bring up this subject first so wait and follow their lead, but be sure you understand thoroughly and make your negotiations up front.

 What is the salary? Is there a shift differential involved?

 What is the salary policy regarding weekends, holidays and overtime?

 What is included in the benefits package? Is there a salary adjustment allowed if some benefits are waived such as health insurance that your spouse provides?

 How much vacation, sick leave and other time off and how is the time accrued?

 How are raises handled? Are there merit increases, cost-of-living adjustments, etc.? How often are they given? What is the typical amount?

 Are there any tuition reimbursement plans?

 Are there any incentives such as sign-on bonuses, concierge services, mortgage or housing assistance plans, etc.? What are the specifics of these options?

How long is the internship/orientation? Is there classroom instruction as well as clinical?

What resources are available to me to help me transition into this role?

Is continuing education offered? Encourged?

How is the scheduling done? Self-scheduling? How far in advance?

Are there mandatory on-call requirements? How much? How often?

What is the charting like? Computer? Paper?

What is your management style?

What is the rapport of the staff with physicians?

Why do you like working here?

often is there turn over?

Are there educational opportunities available, such as wound care classes, palliative care in-services?

What is the greatest challenge that a nurse will face on this unit?

What are the RN/LPN relationships like?

What is the staff morale like? What is done to help keep a positive spirit when things get tough?

The last questions on that list came from LoveMyBugs.

I recommend Johns Hopkins Nursing Program's Career Guide and Cardillo and Associates for further interviewing information.

Be sure to take several copies of your resume with you, in a folder or binder to your interview, in case your interviewer has lost your resume or would simply like extras. Don't wear perfume. A suit is best, but if you don't have one, the most basic, business-like outfit you've got is appropriate. Keep jewelry to a minimum.

Good luck!

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choksantos has 11 years experience and works as a RN.

1,824 Visitors; 35 Posts

thanks!! im driving myself nuts by trying to read all cardiac illnesses..ok now u gave me some relief thanks!

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Also, don't forget to get the business cards of everyone who interviews you and to write a thank you letter and postal mail it the day following your interview.

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AprilRNurse has 3 years experience.

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She gave you great tips. They will not expect you to know it all yet. BUT- they will spend a lot of money to train in a new nurse. Market yourself that you are in it to stay- and that you will be an asset.

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choksantos has 11 years experience and works as a RN.

1,824 Visitors; 35 Posts

i've more or less memorized all the algorithm in ACLS, i cant memorize all the drugs too.. I feel mentally tired and cant just go any further. I memorized them(algorithm) so I can be a bit ready if the "panel" throws a situation at me, which I heard that they may do that... I feel very nervous, I mean one is enough to make me sweat but a panel of 5? are they planning on making me pee my pants?! I pray that God be with me..

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Thanks for all this input! I myself have an upcoming interview on a telemetry unit looking for an LPN so Thanks for everything!!!

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Hey Telemetry nurse...Did you get this job? How was the interview?:nurse: I have an interview tomorrow therefore I stumbled on all of this..Great interview ideas...I feel ready. I was to interview last Tues but the head nurse had either taken time off or had an emergency..i got that explanation from 2 different people...hmmmm. She emailed me instead of calling and apologized and is granting me an interview tomorrow. Im not sure what to make of that. :o It is in a correctional center. Inmates are there 18 mos or less and have alot of freedom so these are light sentences. I am desirous of going into wound care but Ive been away from the floor, have applied and haven't been called back yet. Im praying for the wound care job but this correctional facility job fits the bill for now. Some of my decision comes down to money. We will see

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