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choksantos has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiac TCU /tele/SDU.

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  1. I've been a nurse for more than 15 years, a lot of nurses have that capacity to tear down each other and they do, a lot of people tear down younger nurses instead of helping and mentoring them, Seriously some nurses are jealous and bitter and they sure do horizontal bullying very well. Check your selves people.
  2. Not where I work at, It's the highest degree that one earned therefore it ends in your badge, John Doe Ph.D NP etc. It is within his right if he has the doctor's degree to back it up regardless of what it is. It does not actually delineate whether or not you can use it if you are in a clinical setting or not. People don't get rewarded Ph.D's and get told where and when to use them. It's something that they are earned, but it can be gray as it can confuse patients without actual differentiation between a physician and an academic doctor in a clinical setting, although tags that specify like Nurse,Physician or NP can be used to clear the muck up.
  3. Yeah the original topic is about displaying credentials like CCRN,PCCN, CSC etc. on badges as a nurse. The Ph.D. has earned him the right to be called Doctor, he is a doctor of philosophy, after all, doctorates are not limited to MD or DO. Although in this case, it's a gray area where the circumstance and location are factors where one might easily think of him as an MD or DO. Although is he functioning within a scope of being an NP?
  4. choksantos

    Performance improvement plan woes

    Being new is hard but the supervisor gave you a hint though, med errors. Med errors tell you quite a lot about your practice, you can analyze why the mistakes were made, apart for the errors as part of the system, look for the causality of such errors on your part, were you not thorough enough? Did you relate the patient's VS to medications even without parameters (critical thinking). Were you rushing that's why you made the error?(time management and prioritization). She appears to be vague and maybe purposely so which I feel is not a good sign of you.
  5. I live and work in Cali. In the hospital I work in, no LPN/LVN can work in an acute setting. That’s probably why he said not true, cuz the LPN said she can work anywhere.
  6. Seems like you tend to judge people rather quickly and harshly. And that you think too highly of yourself to pass judgement on other people. Yikes.
  7. That is true. I think that having a certification does not make you a great nurse. It just means you made an effort to prepare for a certification and passed the exam.
  8. Nurses, How do you feel on displaying certification credentials on your badge or nurses who displays them on their id/work badge? I am proud of them because they were a lot of hard work and time but I also do not want to seem like a show-off.
  9. choksantos

    PCCN study materials

    Is it even worth getting certified?
  10. choksantos

    What is it like to work in a good hospital?

    I realized that sometimes you make up a job far better in your mind than it actually is, then when you actually work, you realize it's not as good as you thought it would be cause of the standards you set in your mind.
  11. To answer your question bluntly, you won't get the job. If you "mistook" your allergy meds for Adderall , then it seems you're careless. If you did take Adderall for whatever reason and it's not prescribed to you, then it would be classified as abuse and your integrity will be in question not to mention your license.
  12. choksantos

    PCCN study materials

    Can you give me some books or programs that really helped you pass PCN? I am studying hard but have to admit I'm rusty, I have Alexander John from PCCN website which seems to detailed, just info overload and I have Kupchik's Ace the PCCN which is good, but any other additional books I can read? I am giving my self 3 month to really study, it's just hard working nights and trying to stay up during day time to study
  13. choksantos

    Nursing student CNAs passing meds in ALF

    yes, they are qualified to pass meds, I work in SNF right now but we have an ALF too, CNA's are allowed to pass meds but they cant perform assesments or give meds with parameters like hold if BP is this or that. withold for loose stool cause assesment is beyond their scope. I'm pretty sure they have some training but not as indepth as nurses
  14. choksantos

    Telemetry RN interview! need some tips!

    i've more or less memorized all the algorithm in ACLS, i cant memorize all the drugs too.. I feel mentally tired and cant just go any further. I memorized them(algorithm) so I can be a bit ready if the "panel" throws a situation at me, which I heard that they may do that... I feel very nervous, I mean one is enough to make me sweat but a panel of 5? are they planning on making me pee my pants?! I pray that God be with me..
  15. choksantos

    Telemetry RN interview! need some tips!

    thanks!! im driving myself nuts by trying to read all cardiac illnesses..ok now u gave me some relief thanks!
  16. choksantos

    Telemetry RN interview! need some tips!

    guys i need help! im desperate to nail the interview.. i need to get this job, I need to support myself, parents and brothers! please answer!