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So, my very first interview as an LPN is this Thursday. I got my license October of this year.

It's a position open on the telemetry unit at the hospital I already work at. (not as a nurse) I'm not sure what to expect. :uhoh21: What are some questions I should ask during the interview regarding telemetry?


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i work on a tele unit as an RN and there really isn't any different than on a typical med-surg unit. We do have a well rounded assortment of nurses, but we also deal with tele monitors and must be tele certified each year. As an LPN will you be required to be monitor competent, or just familiar with the basics of the monitors. Our LPNs aren't required to be monitor competent, but if they want to they are encouraged.. Just ask the basic questions regarding hiring, and i think you will be ok. Good luck!

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Is it like a progressive care unit? If so... you may have to become ACLS certified. On our floor, the patients are in pretty bad shape and can go downhill in a minute. Unfortunately, we do not hire LPNs. We have a lot of cardio drips and such.

I really enjoy my job. The pace is fast... but the patient to nurse ratio is safe. Its really cool to catch things that are going wrong with a patient and watch them actually get better.

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In addition to questions about staffing ratio, I would want to know if there is a monitor tech, a unit secretary, and if nurses do primary care or if the nurses would with techs.

Is there an IV team? Is pharmacy available 24/7?

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The floor I work on is a Tele Floor but we specialize in Liver/Kidey Trasplants and VATS. We have to be ACLS certified too. I love my floor and its a great stepping stone to ICU and critical care. I kno you're gonna love the floor.

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