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TEAS vs SAT? Help!


I'm getting ready to apply to UMSON for fall 2015 and I need to take the TEAS. I've read a lot if tips about taking the test and I just ordered the ATI study book, I just want to know if anyone had taken the SATs prior to taking the TEAS and how they compare? I did very well in my SATs without much studying but now am kinda stressed about the TEAS since I need a good score when I apply.

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1) TOEFL youtube videos for speed reading, comprehension and grammar.

2) Abigail Toohney youtube videos for grammar

3) GMAT prep for grammar/verb tense

4) Math is all about learning math "short cut" tricks aka estimates (420 = 400) and how to interpret graphs and solve quickly.


Aka (process of elimination)

6) Teas study guide

7) Time yourself

I have taken both tests, although about 8 years apart. I would say the TEAS is more comparable to the ACT becasue of the 4 different sections, not so much the SAT. I would reccomend you study for the TEAS and buy the ATI study guide, don't go in cold. Also the TEAS has a science portion which tends to be the most challenging for everyone and is not covered on the SAT.

Thank you so much ! I haven't taken the ACTs but I do have the ATI Study guide for the TEAS!

Also the practice tests you can buy from ATI online albeit a bit expensive (unless you bought them as a bundle with the study guide) are very good practice for what you will see on the actual test.