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Okay to make a long story short, I'm apply to a nursing school that requires me to have taken the TEAS V test.

I will be taking the test on July 30,2015.

My question is what are some of the best study books, tools, etc. to study from.

Just a bit of background on me: I'm great at math so I'm not to worried about the math portion, and I took stats and all of my math classes and passes with A's and B's. I've only taken a Intro to Bio-course and I have not taken Chem, A&P, or Micro yet so I'm a bit worried about the science portion. The English portion I think I would be fine.

The School told me to apply to the program now, and I could complete my science courses while in the nursing program because its not a BSN program.

The Pre-reqs are included into the program.

I'm worried that I wouldn't know enough science to pass the TEAS test.

You only can take the test twice, so I'm a bit nervous.

Does anyone have any good study tools, books or online websites to study from.

How was the test for you??

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There is a whole forum dedicated to the TEAS test.


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ATI has a study guide for the TEAS V. There is a lot of science on the test.

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Oh okay I didn't see that


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We moved your thread to the TEAS forum for the best response.

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ATI sells a study book from there website and practice test, The TEAS is very similar to that guide, it's been a long time but thats what I used when I took it and it helped greatly. You can probably find it used as well.